Monday , April 19 2021

The city of Buenos Aires grew due to excess liquidity

The dollar 0.6% were evaluated on Thursday with currency life insurance encouraging more liquidity which is dominant in the market after recent letter offers.

The monetary growth the central bank has decided to withdraw money from the market Treasury bonds This week was reflected in North American currency values.

In Central Banks of Buenos Aires, the average dollar it increased by 18 cents to 38.80 pesos.

The dollar The wholesaler was negotiated at $ 37.83, gaining 23 cents, with small investors, who also cover themselves against the weakness of the stock market's accumulated peso. In 2018, the dollar reaches about 100 percent, and inflation exceeds 40 percent.

The traded volume in the requested segment has been reached USD 736.4 millionwhile MEA's future dealings with ROFEX were $ 1,066.8 million and the $ 2 million Electronic Open Market (MAE). The The contracts were closed at the end of the year at 38.78 pesos.

Gustavo Quintana, from the PR Corredores de Cambio, commented that "the demand for the cover did not change all day and dollar values ​​were attracted to the levels that were the same as last Tuesday. "

"There is a lot of weight, and they hide (these ahorists) in dollars before the downturn and inflationary doubts. It is about a smaller volume restoration (letters) LELIQ and also inside LETS"explained the change broker Reuters.

Argentina's economy moves to one downturn, inflation slump compared to previous months, has a lower consumption.

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