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The child died eight hours after he was diagnosed with the flu, the authorities are warned

Corpus Christi, state Texas, eight year old boy He died just eight hours after doctors diagnosed him flu outbreak.

Martin Ray Campbell Junior Sick on Saturday, February 16th. I am vomiting the market, and his condition was very weak, so on Sunday his parents took him to local hospital in Rockport.

After hearing the minor, the doctors informed them that they were Campbell Junior through the flu. He was released from the hospital and prescribed treatment Tamiflu– a medicine that prevents the spread of the virus.

Leaving the center, the parents of the child went to buy the medicine, but on the way to the pharmacy they observed it his son's condition deteriorated alarming.

They changed the course and went to the emergency service another hospital near Portland. There doctors rated the small and found a lot lung fluid. He died one hour later. It was just six days before he passed nine.

"Our sweet child, Martin Ray Campbell, met with God on Monday, February 18, 2019. He was born on February 24, 2010 in Texas, Corpus Christi, his parents, Martin Campbell, and Jasmine Solis," his family wrote: "The Necologist

"Martin Junior he always laughed and smiled at us almost nine years old, creating fun and happiness for everyone I knew, ”they added.

His aunt Jessica Rios told the American media KRISTV.com that when he saw him so weak, it was very difficult because he was never, it was very difficult for us. It was very unexpectedhe said.

Anxious flu strain

It is not yet known which strain attacked Martin Junior, or if the child is vaccinated against flu.

"They conducted 15 types of analysis. Maybe we still have to wait (for results), said Waluge County Medical Examiner juvenile autopsy.

Health authorities explained that the number of children affected by these diseases increased significantly in February. Dominant strain this season it was H1N1, much softer than 2018, H3N2, which killed about 80,000 Americans.

According to data from Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English), September 30 – February 2 28 H1N1-induced deaths in children in the country

"While A (H1N1) influenza virus pdm09 mostly In most of the country's territory, the A (H3N2) influenza virus dominates in the Southeast of the United States, and in recent weeks the virus has increased in several regions, ”the statement said.

Although they reported that this season had "a small number of patients with influenza, low hospitalization rates and fewer deaths associated with pneumonia and fluCompared to previous years, "the outbreak of H3N2 could appear as a second strain that could spread around March.

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