Wednesday , April 21 2021

The BCRA highlighted the fall in inflation and defended the role of monetary policy

He emphasized that with this figure, the variation of the intergovernmental period reaches 48.5%, where the accumulated year was 43.9%.

They changed their minds from BCRA "Compared to previous months, both general and core inflation decreased significantly in November.

It should be noted that Indec reported that core inflation containing prices that are not in season or regulated by a country or where there is a high tax burden was 3.3% per month, which slowed down with respect to the previous two-month average of 6.1%.

"The objectives of the monetary policy framework are respected, but given the persistence of high inflation, it is important to remain vigilant," maintained by the company headed by Guido Sandler.

"As we have already said, monetary policy measures are delayed and we hope that the pace of the recession will continue in the coming months in the pace of inflation", closed the central bank.

It should be noted that the November figure was higher than forecasted for private consultants, who estimated the increase from 2.5% to 2.9%.

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