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The author of "Love Tale" is preparing a new book

The author "The Mystery Story", Margaret Atwood, revealed that she is preparing for the Hulu series "The Haindmaid's Tale" that feminist dystopia has become a feminist icon on television. The new story will be named "The Testament" and will be published by the author in September 2019. At the moment, it has not exceeded what might be a continuation view.

With the news release, Atwood said, "Everything I ask about the Gilead and its inner workings will be the foundation of this book … Well … almost everything, the other inspiration is the world in which we live." An interesting fact about the book is that it was completely adapted to the first season of the series, which appeared in the second half of this year in an extension that really liked the writer.

Last year, a hard-line survivor in Gilead continued. She is a woman who is forced into a very strange way to serve as a marriage that can not have children, and therefore he has a heavy obligation to surrender his offspring to one of the strongest men in his country. Their suffering could be prolonged for a long time, especially since the series is about events outside Gilead.

Although the "Testament" moves 15 years after everything that was said about Atwood's first novel ends calmly, which opens up the possibility that it is an unreliable work of the narrator.

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