Sunday , March 26 2023

The Argentinian Society of Infectious Diseases confirms that the outbreak of Epinin's disease is unusual


The Hantavirus outbreak in the Chubut town of Eppyn, which has already been killed by 10 people, and another 28 infected, is "unusual" because it recognizes that the only other beginning originated in El Bolsn in 1996, "for suspicion of interconnection as the main spreading method, ". , Argentine Infectology Society (SADI).

The report adds that the outbreak began on 14 November last year, when a person who was infected with the environment visited a social event with five people. SADI affirmed that, in the current context of interpersonal transfers, entering a site that had been shut down for a long time "had to close windows and doors from outside to hour.

In addition, he encourages city residents to wear masks, spray the floor with a bleach and wash their hands while performing tasks. "In an endemic zone or an outbreak situation, it is necessary" to keep the house clean to avoid the presence of rodents. , place your garden gardens and read away from home, drop away from weeds and dumps, not lying directly on the ground.

In this regard, they also recommend taking care of starting fans or air conditioners, whose filters or drivers may have come into contact with contaminated dust, as this will facilitate inadvertent spreading of contaminated particles.

While Khantavirus's deadly victims continue to rise, the National Health Secretary Adolfo Rubinstein gave a radio interview yesterday, stating that they were quite anxious about the outbreak of Chubut from the government. Meanwhile, a Cambiemos official said to himself, "I don't go to Epin to go on vacation."

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