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The Argentinean Actors Association condemned Eltrece and Ideas del Sur for violating child labor laws

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After making it public
A rape complaint by actress Thelma Fardín against the Argentinean Trade Union Association, Juan Darthes, issued a statement stating that they had suspended the defendant's membership of the organization.

In this report, they also claim that they fled Fardin three months before the disclosure of the facts, providing not only legal instruments but also emotional constraints to the victim.

In addition, the company ensures that at a time when
Soap opera "Patito Feo" came into the air, they filed complaints against Eltrece and Ideas del Sur for minor work and care breaches that were involved in this production.

According to the text, Marcelo Tinelli's Channel and Manufacturing Company was intimidated by the Ministry of the Nation and the Children's National Commission (CONAETI) for violating labor laws for children and adolescents.

Full statement

Following our partner's public complaint

Thelma Fardín

and the action that was taken before Nicaragua's fairness against the actor

Juan Darthés

on rape in connection with the theatrical release in 2009 relating to labor relations, which remained as members of the Patio Feo, produced by Ideas del Sur; The Argentinean Actors Association has lifted the suspension of Juan Darthés's status in accordance with the provisions of the Statute, which provides for these sanctions in case of a humiliating violation of the Branch.

Three months ago, we received a company in the association to provide him with support, legal counseling and make us accessible to those who need her; subject to the necessary confidentiality.

We inform you that by registering on this TV band, as well as taking excursions and preparing tours, our association denied producer Ideas del Sur S.A. and Channel 13 for work and care abusive behavior for minors who worked in this industry. These denunciations were made before the telegraph call to the Department of State and the CONAETI Children's Commission (CONAETI), which depended on this ministry, outlining our position on compliance with ILO conventions and local rules that set inevitable demands for the work of children and adolescents.

The Argentine Association of Assets and the Gender Equality Commission have historically received demands to defend wage equality and working conditions and work on the gender perspective to draw up a Protocol on Violence and Harassment, in particular LGBTIQ Collective Women and People to be Included in Collective Bargaining.

We refuse irregularities and unlawfully reject, we will continue to support the member, Thelma Fardín, and all those who denounce these unfocused events, so that these situations will NEVER be withdrawn and the perpetrators are punished.

For complaints: [email protected]

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