Saturday , February 27 2021

The Argentine National Team qualified in the World Cup in France

Argentine girls will return to the World Cup after more than a decade, with a 1: 1 lead against Panaman to mark albicelestes, dominated extensively.

Argentina is developing to France 2019 with a general score of 5-1. In the first phase last week, Southwest Americans shattered the sewage by 4-0. Panama was the attacker to win the first women's World Cup.

Panama began to dream of a possible retaliation by opening Natalia Mills for 38 minutes, while Argentina returned to narrow realities with a striking goal in Florence, Bonsegundo's 65th year. The batting player took the ball in from the left wing and took control of the game. Yenith Bailey was the scorer.

Argentina won the third female world champion after taking part in 2003 in the United States and China in 2007. Exit to France is very important for the women's national team fighting the prejudices in their country and who are asking for the same support as a male colleague.

The Argentineans even had long, without training, before the Chilean Copa América in April, in which they won the third place, which gave them a repechage ticket. After this tournament, albicans began to change for girls who had the opportunity to attend preparations when they received support from male selection stars.

Panama, meanwhile, reached the point where a recent woman had not planned this women's team. Based on the skillful goalkeeper Bailey, the Panamanians got an excerpt to repechage against all odds at the CONCACAF tournament, during which they won better-prepared teams such as Mexico.

Argentina ended with ten players, as Yamila Rodríguez was expelled to receive the second yellow game with 82 players.

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