Sunday , April 11 2021

Tato Young spoke about the suffering of Romain Manguela suffered by the guest of Animales Sueltos: "She was very scared"

Romina Manguela's complaint (video: "Animals lost", America)

"Women condemned when we can, not when we want, because this environment is a macho, and they do not believe in you," explained the American cycle expert. Guests who systematically offended me have arrived. He was sitting at this table. On that day Tato young He stayed with me until I took the taxi. When I saw her, I told Tato, and he did not leave me the second. "

After speaking to Manguel, Young talked and provided details about this episode: "I knew about this situation. It was a few months ago. With a TV we do not always know who the guests are in the program. When we arrived We got to know that there was someone who was going to take part in the table conversation, and I realized that Romina was very scared"

Tato Young's Name (Audio: Radio Miter)

"With Romain, we have differences about politics, but I have a code of human rights and trust. This person offended her, she shows me some evidence of this harassment, and it was a very noticeable and impressive harassment. He showed me a stalker. It's really shocking to see it, "said the journalist for the cycle Lit in the afternoon, with Radio Miter.

"I am I was accompanying her so that the person does not come near her. I ask him why he does not want to make it public. She did not want at that moment, she had reasons. I am not only revered for these reasons, but I agree with them, "added Young, explaining that Romina, despite being a" courageous, intelligent and courageous woman, "did not want to indicate the name of the person who is persecuting her. "It's now a great experience that it's very difficult to name something similar in Argentina"he believed.

In addition, he said that there are "supportive reactions and others are very indecent" because "the world is bad people", while others do it "from ignorance". "There are people who claim they have the right to ask whether they are now well informed why they did not do it in the past if the form they used to report is correct or not, if they have to indicate their name and surname , "said Tato. . Reporting this type of event is sometimes more painful than the fact itself. A person becomes victims again, becomes bald again, re-exposes himself and becomes vulnerable again. "

Finally, Young said: "It is very likely that there is no correction for fears, rape, abusers, but these complaints that very courageous women, with or without words, as they can, give them a message to new generations. They tell many boys that you can not do this, nothing else is violating the other body, nor the second soul, our being is the other. That is not right. If they decide not to understand it, it may happen that they will have to pay sooner or later. "

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