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Surprise and Concussion: Dead Tinelli's Dancer Pier Fritzsche

Surprise and Concussion: Dead Tinelli's Dancer Pier Fritzsche

Pier Fritzshe died at the age of 42 years

For only 42 years, Pier Fritzshe's death yesterday aroused the world of the entertainment industry, despite the fact that a dancer who knew how to be a "Dancer" star had fought against fierce cancer for some time.

Tinelli's historic dancer and part of many successful journals in the summer season, Fritzsche debuted at the most famous of you in 2008 and was accompanied by celebrities such as Karina Jelinek, Wanda Nara, Zaira Nara, Silvina Escudero, Andrea Rincon, Dolores Barreiro, Belén Francese and Marcela Tauro.

She left Magnífica this season in Mar del Plata this summer, but her wide smile hid her beautiful gift, known only to her best friend, dancer Eva Sánchez.

Pierre Fritzshe was killed by attacking Farandul, who did not know that the disease had returned to attack the dancer. And a number of dance partners and in the middle interrupted twitter.

Tinelli has ruined the news and shared a broken heart in their networks.

"Great companion, great person and professional, happy to work together … Humor and damn disease! Forever in me," wrote Natalie Weber.

Marcela Tauro described her as "great, great, very generous and hardworking, great companion. Why are the beings of light left before?"

While Wanda Nara said, "I keep laughing and I'll be happy to share so much conversation with you, fulfill one of your dreams and this unforgettable journey …".

Another worried, he decided to share the report that he sent to Christmas, Ángel De Brito. "Life is like a trip to the train. When we were born, we boarded the train and met with our parents, and we believe that they will always travel on our side, but at a station they will be lowered, other people will grow, they will be significant. down and leave a constant vacuum … Others are so unaware that we do not realize that they have released their seats. This journey will be full of joy, sorrow and farewell. The great secret to everyone is that we do not know what season we will get. we have to work in the best way … "

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