Sunday , April 11 2021

Supermarket: know how and when to buy Argentina to face the crisis

The total expenses of Argentinian households in supermarket chains are advertised under a private report warning that it is not enough to "offset" each consumption. The sectors in which promotion activities weigh more than total purchases are those related to beverages such as wines and beer and frozen foods such as vegetables, frozen potatoes and hamburgers.

In this regard, a study by the Kantar Worldpanel consultation indicated that "although Promoted Purchases Recorded the Evolution of pLast year, they are not enough to maintain the volume of chains. "Consumption decreased by 4% of the total amount of the basket, while the volume of purchases increased by 15%, which is one quarter of the total turnover, they were not able to compensate each of them without promotion those who resigned at a rate of 10%, "he said.

Thus, the survey stated that "26% of total household expenditure in supermarket chains is encouraged, which is more than 23% recorded in the same period last year. "" Frozen products promote the availability of goods for households from more attractive tickets, "said Joaqun Ora, Consultancy Purchasing Manager.
Alcohol drinks are likely to increase in volume ", detall.

In this regard, he stressed: "For the ten categories with the largest volume of advertising, Households have 25% more products for non-promotional products"The work showed that in each of the four households in supermarket chains, at least one purchase was recorded in the last year.

"The housewife offering upgrades in the chains is distinguished by a high and moderate level with households from 35 to 64 years old, for families from 3 to 4 members with teenagers living at home or outside," a topical Ora, giving a screenshot of what they are. , using large chain ads.

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