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Superclassic took over all Spanish newspaper covers

The end Copa Libertadores de Amrica will be first played in history outside of the continent. Duel between River and Boka will be at noon 9.30 am from our country stadium on December 9th Santiago Bernabéu from Madrid. The decision to play a decisive game in Spain was reflected by the Spanish media, which at the last moment carefully listens to all minors.

The main ones newspapers in spain They repeated the final finals that will be played in this area. Those who devoted more space to Superclassic were the newspaper As and Mundo Deportivo. The Madrid newspaper and the Barcelona newspaper reflected in another way the role that neutrality plays in this game.

Santiago Bernabé Monumental Bombonera, entitled The Newsletter How to be for sale Superclassic in Madrid. Behind the title you can see the image of the Real Madrid stadium with the typical flags of Boca and the river fan. River-Boca on Sunday, at. 20.30 Coliseum in Madrid, at. 20.30 Rubials are slightly valued to bring the pushed side to Madrid, and add a publication pointing to the President of the Kingdom of Spain Football Federation.

Mundo Deportivo was more controversial about its coverage. Quilombo in Bernabu, was the name chosen by the Catalan newspaper identified by Barcelona. Controversial River boka The final of Libertadores will be held in Madrid on December 9th at. 8.30, was the most important Catalan newspaper.

On the other hand, "Marca" and "Sport" also featured the two most popular team duels in that country. Rivers-Boca Bernabu! This is the best sports newspaper in the world. Conmebol, RFEF and Real Madrid agree that Superclassic will be played in Madrid on December 9th, Marco said.

So much, the Catalans followed the same line that madrileos. Libertadores will be played by Bernabu !, Titul Sport. Finally, River-Boca will be played on December 9, adding a Catalan newspaper. As a result, Spanish newspapers repeated the clash between the two most popular clubs in the country.

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