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Subamrino ARA San Juan: Navy believes that the submarine got very close to the bottom – 17.11.2018


Defense Minister Oscar Aguad and the Argentinean naval authorities held a press conference this morning in the Libertad building, which revealed that ARA San Juan could be "collapse, collapse, at the bottom" and that its discovery took place at a depth of 907 meters in the South Atlantic Ocean after one and two days after its disappearance. When asked Clarin, said that before the legislative and technical limitations, the "next steps" would inform them whether they could get out of it or not.

Captain Enrique Balbi, a former Navy exvoier and current naval attache in the United States, said that the report, which Ocean Infinity "suggests may have been imploded, collapsed very close to the bottom, because debris removal is very limited"in the area where it was found.

"The helmet is not split, it's blown inside, with external pressure," Balbi noted. He added: "When we talk about the collapse and collapse, that's because Water pressure exceeds the power of submarine material"

Former Former Forces Forces Enrique Balbi at the press conference they held this morning. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

Former Former Forces Forces Enrique Balbi at the press conference they held this morning. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

"The submarine was found at a depth of 907 meters, its parts are 80-100 meters in size, and its location is very close to acoustic anomaly." Everything Navy searched for in this area, but We could not find it because of the lack of technology"Said Navy Commander, Vice-Admiral José Luis Villán.

On Friday evening, the remains of the ship were missing, which had disappeared with its 44 crew members since November 15, 2017.

The submarine location was made from the ship's seabed constructor, which since September 6 was at the forefront of search operations in the area where the submarine lost contact, about 250 nautical miles (460 kilometers) east of the Gulf San Jorge hillfort.

"Admiral Villan told me that a company that is already heading to South Africa (because he has completed a 60-day contract) has reviewed all their cartography and found a point that was very interesting. The ship said that it had to go to the place where they had this vision. After midnight they confirmed that this image was underwater"Discovered by Aguad.

"The company's strategy was First, look at the lightest places and then the hardestto avoid the risk of devices, is very expensive at first, "said Villán.

Minister of Defense Oscar Aguad, naval commander Jose Luis Villán and former Marine Corps Representative and current US Naval Attaché Captain Enrique Balbi. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

Minister of Defense Oscar Aguad, naval commander Jose Luis Villán and former Marine Corps Representative and current US Naval Attaché Captain Enrique Balbi. (Photo: Jorge Sánchez)

The minister also explained the doubts as to why they did not concentrate all the employees in this area, where from the first moment "Hydroacoustic Failure"A year ago, was informed by international organizations.

"This point was determined by the CTBTO (Treaty on a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) information on explosions that emit noise or acoustic anomalies in the world's censuses. From that moment on, the direction of search changed. These boats were concentrated in this area, taking into account the course of the submarine. no doubt that it was the place where this tragedy took place. All the world's armies were looking for it with very high-resolution technology, "he said.

"All ships crossed the area and they could never detect it. We always said that it was not easy to find a submarine and less depths where we have found it. The company was free to search. Many relatives claimed that this was not the right place for our search. We gave them all the information and freedom. The ship went to find a place where it was said that they had heard the stairs noises. Nothing was found, "said Aguad.

After asking whether the navies have the means to restore the remnants of Ara San Juan from the seabed, the deputy admiral remains cautious.

"We do not have the means to save him"

Oscar Aguad

Minister of defence

"There are two limitations here that go beyond our knowledge. The first is legitimate, the judge said when two sub-divisions discovered could be removed. The second is a technical limitation. We can not confirm or deny that we can exclude it"He was leading.

Like Villán, he informed that the investigation would mainly depend on Judge Marta Yañez. "The next steps are to get all the information about a company looking for submarine. They require us to provide all the information about the areas in which they have been tracked, and we will study and see what to do. Many decisions must be taken by law"He announced.

And he explained: "Last night I contacted the judge at the end of the day, she is aware of all the information and events, and there is an in-depth summary of the disciplinary actions that the ministry and the fleet are working on, but the cause is justice."

The Minister of Defense also said that the country does not have enough resources to bring the land to the ground. "We have no means to save him. We did not even have to go to the depths of the sea, "he explained.

Upon the end of the conference, Villán provided details of where they found the submarine.

"This area is surrounded by many canyons and depressions"he described. In turn, Minister Aguads explained that he plans to meet with the crew's relatives in the coming days and the president's request to sack the state.

Oscar Aguad and José Villan (Reuters)

Oscar Aguad and José Villan (Reuters)

"Of course, next week we'll meet with relatives to provide more details." At that time, the president's decision was "first of all life". In this commitment, he contacted all countries to help take into account some of us. We had to understand what the reasons were: the judge would want to test the existing assumptions. These 44 patriot families have to know what has happened. We will do our best. This is a presidential order. It will start a debate about national mourning, "he said.

Regarding his behavior at a particular level, Aguad said: "I could be optimistic sinI could create hope. Each of the relatives is sang in the way they can. "

The minister was asked if he believed that the violation occurred during the incident: "It is very difficult to know that there was very little time between trapping the last communication and acoustic anomalies. which suggests that it was an unforeseen case. I hope that the investigation will make us a little closer to what has happened. "

Finally, the Minister for Defense did not refrain from consulting about relations with missing underwater relatives who expressed dissatisfaction with the way the ARA San Juan was searched. "You always make mistakes. Today, my feelings are controversial. On the one hand, the relief on the other hand is a tragedy"closed.

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