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Suarez forgiveness full of joy – 01/01/2019

Matías Suárez is 30 years old, he won his great career in Belgium and returned to his love club in Belgrano. He was happy there until he moved the shelf with a Gallardo call and an unexpected pass. He had his first practice on Sunday morning, he got 7 and had to arrive in the second half of 21 for Borré, who had played three 90-minute games. And the former Pirate was close to the goal with a nice dough, and then it was given a sophisticated definition. "I'm happy about the goal. The group got me very well. The river is a dream," he said.

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And in the middle of joy, Suarez remembered his ex because his departure caused some criticism from the fans at a time when Belgrano was fighting no descent. "I apologize to Belgano, but it was a dream. Debut with purpose and triumph is a dream. I couldn't talk to the press beforehand. But I haven't told other clubs, he called me River and Gallardo, and that was a dream. I apologize to people with respect and heart. I thank you. "

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It is great. It has a quality, a category, and it will give us an important hand

Gallardo on Suez

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And with great enthusiasm he closed his speech on his future in the club: "As I said when I arrived, I thank Gallardo for trusting me, I will do my best and I will learn from very high level players".

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