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Strong Rodolfo D'Onofrio's "betrayal" accused Daniel Angelici of Conmebol's table

The relationship between the rivers and the presidents of Boca is worse. The most tense, full of anger and resentment of everything that goes through the abbreviated definition of Copa Libertadores. And he had a very hot spot on the Conmebol table when Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio tried it "traitor" Daniel Angelici in front of others who attended the meeting.

"You are a betrayer, you betrayed me because we have signed that it was played on Sunday", D & # 39; Onofrio would have told Angelici before the eyes of President Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, who also signed that supposed knights pact on paper that did not have official forms.

"I told Angelici of treason and he told me that he was connected with his partners," said the president of the river.

Angelici also did not support anything, but with his answer the rates doubled: "I'm not a betrayal and I demand the elimination of the Copa Libertadores River".

The role of "PACTO DE CABALLEROS". This is the signature of Donofri, Angelici and Dominguez.

The president of the river acknowledged the powerful crossing and emphasized that Boca's president lies in defending the interests of the club and its partners.

It is anticipated that today's or tomorrow will be the decision of the Conmebol disciplinary court following Boca's request to liquidate River de la Libertadores. If the answer is negative, the game will be scheduled on Saturday, December 8th or December 9th, Qatar or Assunta.

Boca does not want to participate in any way in any court or in any country, and Angelici said that he would appeal the Disciplinary Order and, if necessary, turn to the TAS (Sports Arbitration Court).

In their opinion, in the river, it seems to him that xeneize was made, because they understand that half could be played on Sunday, and from this suspension, Conmebol decided to remove the localization at the Monumental Stadium.

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