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Strong deprivation of the decorative designer Sebastian Seij's widow: "I'm going to tell the truth about what's happening"


Gabriela Cancelli She said her husband, 43, had gone to the Trilateral Sanitary and he was told that "he was hypochondria."

Strong deprivation of the decorative designer Sebastian Seij's: I'm telling you what's happened
Strong deprivation of the decorative designer Sebastian Seij's: I'm telling you what's happened

On saturday 12:00, famous stage designer The New Sebastian Face He died at the age of 43, due to the complication of aneurysm. Several celebrities have been losing their networks with tremendous pain.

On Tuesday his widow Gabriela Cancelli, posted a strong complaint to her personal account Instagramin which she pointed out what her husband was receiving at the Ramos Mejunian Trinity Sanatorium. "My love, Sebastian, how to proceed without you … man with all uppercase letters. For those who are reading: hearty, sensitive, good father, intelligent … always with the right word … he liked to live completely … honestly , respectful, empathetic … and do not reach it to describe it … "he began.

"But here I want to tell the truth about what happened … it's me angry and I do not want anyone to see what happened to him … Sebastian suffered a chest pain for several days, which disturbed him a lot … although he had an artery expanded hereditary aorta, and with the controls it tested, we went to the Trinidad de Ramos Mejia Clinic last Monday, and we came to guard it, we told him that he had an enlarged aorta. Seba told him if something inside was wrong. .. the doctor indicated an electrocardiogram, an enzyme analysis and a lung contactless tomography. As everything went well, he said that he had muscle pain and that he used painkillers that he had a little hypochondria. We remained happy because he was only muscular and that in a few days he would be good, "explains Cancelli.

"He was still in pain and he was in the morning on the following Friday, and we take him urgently at the Los Arcos Clinic, to whom I thank indefinitely how they fought for Sebastian's life, for all the doctors of the second-floor coronary unit and Dr. Vega de Favalorot, who worked urgently , but my Sebit, as I said, would not leave … I do not want to have more Sebity, "he continued with his story.

"How they allowed us to leave the Trinity without question, without conducting other research. I do not want that to happen to anyone else … it can not happen … Seba left me with two beautiful little angels: Sofia, 10 years old and Niko, 1 year old. We were very close to the family, together and everywhere, and our love was intact, because on March 1, 1994, we began to be friends … she was my impossible love … and I was 14 and 19 when We started to be together, we grew up together, we became one! It will cost me a lot, but he will give me strength to continue! With all the loved ones lucky enough to devote himself to what he loved, every day we are glad to go to the channel 9 , proudly belong to this great family #sebastianseija #benditoseba, "the woman concluded.

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