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Step by Step as Agustin's Last Lessons in Esperanz – 01/14/2019


Agustina and her friends were united at the Bowling Tees exitIn Esperanz, meet at the door to go to one of them. That he had told his parents.

Agustina with her mobile phone left the bowling alley after an agreement. However, this meeting never happened. Almost 30 hours laterThe 17-year-old adolescent body was found with signs of attack, hidden in bags and weeds in the ditch, but also with fenced branches to prevent access, 500 meters from the disc.

Agustina Imvinkelried, a 17-year-old girl, killed in Esperanz, Santa Fe.

Agustina Imvinkelried, a 17-year-old girl, killed in Esperanz, Santa Fe.

Femicide shakes the whole region. It is the daughter of Agustina Imvinkelried, president of the Union de Esperanza Club, and her family's family traditions in the furniture trade.

On Sunday, 19 days, the police learned about the girl's disappearance, although her face had been in the infinite social networking space since that day. The request for information about the girl's whereabouts, which had spent the fifth year in San Jose, was already part of the public opinion of Esperanto and women's rights organizations.

The stage was delicate and gloomy. Thanks to the hours, researchers and family have accessed the security cameras of Teos Agustina was registered on the road that walked and looked at her mobile phone. This picture seemed to be Agustin's last record, but it wasn't. Everything started to fall dramatically.

As you know Clarin during the investigation, Agustina was last seen chatting with a man in a car. These data and the description of this person's witnesses allowed to reduce the suspicion.

Especially for a person who could last see a young woman: Pablo Trionfini, a 39-year-old man known in the night setting.

The Esperanz Municipal Security Chamber also placed it near the bowling lane in Trionfini and at the same time as the young woman was captured by pictures: 5:45

When the police went to look for a man's house, he would be a municipal worker and had had violence, he committed suicide.

Investigation and forensic investigation are needed to identify and investigate the causes of death if you have suffered from sexual abuseTrionfini is believed to have made Agustin with his car in the vicinity of the bowling alley for a vague plan.

Among Trionfini accessories, researchers found sneakers with mud and had additional information: a neighbor who agreed to lend him a shovel on Sunday.

Paradoxically, that day Trionfini was engaged with his girlfriendas Discovered by Facebook. "He was a violent, dangerous man and carried weapons," he said Clarin a neighbor who knew Trionfin very well.

To get rid of the body, the main suspect has thrown it out in a hard-to-reach field, more during this time when there is a lot of mud in the last rainfall.

He covered it with bags and weeds, but also buried the branches around the body, pretending to be logs to limit the transition. The sticks were removed without much effort from curious viewers who came to the site when they had removed the body and filled in expert reports.

Prosecutor María Laura Urquiza stated that "death cover is femicide and the only responsible person is the person who took his life"The suspect phone is already being analyzed by the investigation police.

Meanwhile The agustina mobile phone still does not appear. The geolocation application enabled us to find the last place where it was activated, while raking (free and industrial warehouse space) was negative.

"It was a girl who was always with a smile, we can't believe what we live in this city," said a family neighbor.

Agustina Imvinkelried femicide shakes the region and destroys a family that just knew how to handle Esperanz.

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