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Spain could be the first country to ban petrol and diesel cars

One of the biggest environmental enemies is internal combustion engines that use oil derivatives (diesel or naphtha) as fuel. Although there are anti-pollution standards, there are stricter CO2 emission levels every time it seems that European governments have declared
War and want to erase this technology that encodes the planet.

In this respect Spain could become the first country to ban diesel if the new climate change and energy transition law is approved, which provides different plans for reducing pollutant emissions.

The project to be submitted to the Spanish Congress in February provides for a law banning the sale and circulation of internal combustion vehicles. Firstly, in 2025 diesel would be a veto, all combustion vehicles would be halted by 2040 and finally It would be forbidden to use it in 2050.

Other less drastic measures are in place to reduce pollutant emissions, such as Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France or the United Kingdom, which excludes some types of vehicles in some of the central areas of large cities.

Incentives are another way they use to promote green vehicles. For instance, In the UK, € 1.169 million will be allocated for the purchase of electric cars. In addition, there are low emission zones where tolls are levied only on old vehicles (ie those polluting them)

In Germany, the government offers up to € 8,000 to remove the Euro 1 and Euro 4 diesel cars from the fleet, while Volkswagen has announced that Euro 4 or 5 owners of diesel models can offer up to € 7,000 (discount). change it as new

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