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Soledad Fandiño or Esmeralda Miter?

The new final elimination participant left the road. Are Mica Viciconte's forecasts met?

Bachata left another pair outside the dance in 2018. One of the most difficult rhythms four couples were convicted and had to do a duel. The jury rescued Yiming Baron and Mica Viciconte, who, when he received a secret ballot, dropped out soledad Fandiño was able to leave the competition tonight.

But that was not like that. The beautiful actress was charged against the Esmeralda Miter, which appeared as one of the favorites of the audience. Former René Pérez still fought for his place in the final with 65.56 percent of the vote.

The moment of liquidation

"Thank you to all of you, I'm excited. Thank you Marcelo for inspiring here." I grew up a lot like a woman and an artist. I met the unbelievable people, all the people on the floor, the cameras, the control people … I broke a lot of prejudices, opened my head and I learned to dance. I improvised and I was very happy. I've already won, "said the singer very excited.

At the next end, nine couples still in the race will have to reflect their folk choreography. Everyone wants their place on the big night of December 20, when it is determined who is the winner Dancing in 2018.


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