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Solari was the first short-circuit with the Real Madrid player

Effective contractor Santiago solari as a technical director Real Madrid It became peaceful in the institution. Candidates who Florentine Prez and management had the priorities to replace Julen Lopetegui was Mauricio Pochettino and Antonio Konte. Due to the fact that the two coaches refused to occupy the Merengue substitute stand, Indecito was confirmed as a coach. In light of this decision, the players publicly demonstrated their support to Solari in the white box. However, in recent days the situation has changed.

Does it depend on the various Spanish resources that Santiago will hold Isco Alarcn and the relationship between them will worsen. According to journalist Manolo Lama, the trainer invited his team to immediately report each pass, which the former Malaga player replied: "We have enough to play." In addition to this fact, the 26-year-old midfielder does not usually require too much training, which much prevents Solari.

Although everyone was rumored, the story got more power after the match between Rome and the White House. El Indiecito left Isco from the stand promising and haggle the players who "leave everything" in practice, such as Marcos Llorente and Lucas Vzquez.

However, Santiago, with his testimony, was tense in the affair. "I see it fine, Isco works well, it's very important, and I rely on him, just as I think the other 23. We want the best of all players," said Real Madrid's former trainer Castilla.

Due to the serious relationship between Solari and Isco, Marcelo was nominated for it after a Roma victory 2-0. "I'm not the one who is able to provide the Isco recommendation, we are older, older, we know what we need to do, all players want to play, but it's time to work, that's what all the players have done, does not work, but football is the same yourself, see what you will not do and improve, "said the 30-year-old left.

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