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Sister Fernando Burlando and Thelma Fardín: "We're Not Judging the Court" – 01/14/2019


Fernando Burlando is no longer unclear. He admits that he is a lawyer at Juan Darthés. "I believe in him," he insists. But as soon as he knew Thelma Fardin's rape against the actor, he didn't want to defend it, and he even described the reaction he'd heard out of the room, even with "disgust". years, it would have been insulted.

Today, the lawyer explains in detail what the "ball" is going to be presented in Nicaragua to defend it. And there are contradictions.

Originally Burlando said that "partly" this chief witness was Clara Lescano, sister of Fardin's mother, who came to deny it and claimed that the actress he had already tried a couple of his mothers to accuse him of rape. Now Burlando denies it. "We are not confused in court," he said in a television announcement and said a strong test These are Holiday Inn employees in Managua. At this hotel 9 years ago, sexual bodily access was carried out at the time of the Patito Feo juvenile fiction.

Thelma Fardín at a press conference in Argentine actresses, where she condemned Juan Darthés (Photos: Emmanuel Fernández)

Thelma Fardín at a press conference in Argentine actresses, where she condemned Juan Darthés (Photos: Emmanuel Fernández)

Darthes in Brazil has been sent out since December, after his advice. Being a Brazilian citizen, your country's constitution protects him and annuls his deportation. The participant has not only knowledge Burlando. A mediation attorney who also defends Lourdes Segur, the reporter of the public relations inspector Rodrigo Eguillor, is a defense leader who coordinates colleagues from Brazil and Nicaragua.

Faced with the imminent precautionary action against the applicant, further details of the legal strategy that he would present before the Managua Prosecutor's Office were disclosed. It is worth explaining that the only complaint against Darthés has been made. In order not to see his letters, he only stated that "they have long been Holiday Inn employees who will testify".

On Friday, before the mystery of who was his main witness and after the sound of Fardin's sister sounded, the lawyer in Incorrect (América) said: that was what he was going to present. Fabrina's lawyer Sabrina Cartabia claimed that this test was "very weak" because it was based on faith.

"This is part of the testimony that will bring this matter," said Burlando in a dialogue with the leader. Moria Casan. "That (after Lescano's testimony) was told to us from the first day it all came up (complaint against Darthés), and it seemed a bad taste to report it, but of course we wanted to tell Nicaragua authorities correctly, he said.

He also explained that he would include his testimony as part of an "invitation" from an interview with Carla Lescano on a radio station in Cordoba. So the rule of law "is knowledge about what is happening in the complainant's family environment.

"I'm sure Darthés hasn't raped her," Lezcano said in an interview. Then Fardin's lawyer replied, "The sister is injured because Thelma's dad was raping her."

"She already wanted to discover a couple of mothers about the same lie," said Lescano. And he continued, "Why did (Thelma) not tell my mother about Darthés and did she tell her that her partner wanted to grab her?"

In this last question, the woman expanded, "The man told my mother," I love you very much, I thank you, but I would not lie to this girl. "

As it became known in recent hours, Lezcano went to live with aunt when he condemned José Luis Fardin for sexual abuse. Sister is injured because Thelma's dad rapeed him. We knew it could happen, ”said Cartabia.

To this end, the defendant was sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment for "juvenile corruption", which was ordered by the Court of Bariloche's Second Criminal Chamber in 2000 under the El Cordillerano site.

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