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since the characters were when they were younger

Four years after the death of a Mexican actor, Robert Gomez Boléoza, we remember how the writers of the television series known to him were young: El Chavo.

Roberto Gomez Bolañoshit serial creator was El Chavo del 8, Chespirito and Doctor Chapatín.

Florinda Meza, Wife of Roberto Gomez Bolaños. It was Dona Florinda and La Popis recognized Mexican strip.

Slide 3 of 18: Florinda Meza, wife of Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

Ramón ValdésI was Don ramons.

Slide 5 of 18: Ramón Valdés.

Horacio Gomez I did Hobbies, student

Slide 7 of 18: Horacio Gómez.

Raúl Chato Padilla, made Jaimito "messenger" or stamp from the neighborhood.

Slide 9 of 18: Raul Chato Padilla.

Actor Édgar Vivarwhose characters were Don Barry and his son, Ñoño.

Slide 11 of 18: Actor Ãdar Vivar.

Carlos Villagrán, made Kiko.

Slide 13 of 18: Carlos Villagrán.

Marie Antoinette de las Nieves, "la Chilindrina".

Slide 15 of 18: María Antonieta de las Nieves.

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