Thursday , August 11 2022

Sica listens to CGT dome orders – Tela


Dante Sica heard CGT orders for end-year bonuses for individuals and pensioners this afternoon, and the redundancy informed the sources of the union's union until March 2019.

Héctor Daer (Health), Roberto Fernández (UTA), Carlos Acuña (stationary), José Luis Lingeri (sanitary works), Amadeo Genta (municipality) and Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN), among other things, offer the Minister to offer three points in the menu score: end of year a bonus for all private employees, a commitment that there will be no redundancy and a bonus for pensioners and social movements by March.

The purpose of the meeting is to implement a kind of social agreement with the CGT and the business sector, for which the center of work requests a payout of two 2,500 pesos bonds in November and January 2019; the payment of two bonds in the same month, every 1,000, pensioners and pensioners, as well as the obligation to suspend the lay-off in private activity by March.

Trade unionists will also ask for bonds to be approved by a public administration decree because they do not believe in the possibility of agreeing with business chambers. If CGT orders are adopted, the trade union leadership could abolish the idea of ​​setting the next Thursday, in which the new general strike date at the end of the current year.

On the other hand, José Urtubey, Member of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and other sources of this plant, approved a meeting with this agency.

Urtubey's announcements to the mainland radio announced that the meeting would be "reaching agreement and consensus to avoid this strike, let's see what's going on."

"Dante (Sica) is a professional with a lot of experience, I am very honored and we have a lot of dialogues … but when the reference rates of the Central Banks are above 70%, there is not much to talk about," said the plant manager.

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