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ShowMatch 2018: Night for kisses and battles Gabo Usandivar quits "Dancing for a Dream"

The dancer fought for a duel with his historic competitor Facundo Mazei Credit: Laflia Press

Tuesday night

Marcelo Tinelli
he continued to uncover a secret vote

Florence Peña
Precision dance round. As the qualification was known, a number of celebrities used this moment to find out personal situations and requirements.

In principle, at the expense of the driver, was officially offered by the dancer Mauro Caiazza

Jimena Barón
This is his girlfriend, and she, of course, has accepted. After that, the actress and singer confirmed she likes it
the couple who make up his ex, Juan Martín Del Potro and Sofia "Jujuy" Jiménez.


Sol Peress
explained that he would never be friendly

Ángel de Brito
because he thinks he has something against her while shooting at the chimentero program members, whom he accused of inventing information and lying.

Cinthia Fernández
, in turn, said that Marcel Polino's assessment (0) and the insult to plagiarism were "lack of respect." At the same time, the journalist tried to protect himself by providing it

Lourdes Sánchez
he confirmed that the offer shown by the team was indeed a copy of another choreography. However, the BAR president denied it. "I did not say that," he said firmly.

2 Peña would not release them from the duel. For this reason, the couple joined by the actress and Gonzalo Gerber became the first convict.

Gabo Usandivar
and Becky Vázquez was the second convicted night. Peña had 3 votes, and therefore they were awarded 9 points. This time it was a dancer who came up with an argument with

Mariela Ančipi
. Vazquez said that in an interview, BAR member had suggested that she lacked a picturesque imprint. "It's technically very good for me, but she does not send me anything," she said when the cameras took Dadi's free wife, who could not conceal her anger.

María del Cerro
and Facundo Mazei needed 6 to get the desired 17 points, which would take them directly to the next round, cumbia, but Peña's vote was 5 and so they went on a duel.

After three pairs, in this case accompanied by two dancers and two dancers, returned to show their proposals on the track, the jury unanimously rescued Cinthia and Gonzalo.

In this way, María del Cerro and Gabo Usandivar went directly to the telephone vote. With 72.06 percent of the vote, Del Cerro and Mazei managed to continue the race.

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