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# Shawls: A shocking video about breast cancer – March 18, 2014

Many women choose a pocket scarf to take a message. There is greens, in favor of legal abortion. Also the skyto support "both lives". They are achieved in 2008 orange, secular state and red request a new adoption law. Although Argentina's history marked "Never Again" from white. But there is another handkerchief, which also has a message. One that, unlike the others, is a reason that has not been chosen.

This message sends a place called # Pañuelos, launched by Macma (Breast Cancer Disorder) with the support of Novartis and created by David. to seek see women with breast cancer problems and needs, a disease that adds 21 thousand new cases each year to our country alone, which means an average of two new cases per hour.

"This initiative is very positive in not minding the women living with this disease. There is no doubt that various social struggles are very important and each one has its place but we will not forget those patients who need attention and restriction of the various participants involved in cancer treatment. , "says Marta Mattiussi. Macmas President.

"Also trying to break stereotypes about a cancer patient wearing a head scarf. At this moment breast cancer, as well as in many other cancers, not everything is done in chemotherapy. Thanks to medical advances, today we have different options for each subtype and for each stage of the disease, "added Mattiussi.

In this regard, Victor Costaanso, Clinical Oncology Medical Specialist at the Alexandra Fleming Institute for Breast Cancer, said that chemotherapy is needed in certain circumstances and stages. However, many subtypes of the disease have drugs that work without affecting the entire body. "This is a medical revolution in oncology, which we call" drugs aimed at molecular targets. " "It not only allows for treatment to be more effective, but also a lower level of toxicity," he said.

Breast cancer is the most common female tumor, and two new cases per hour are diagnosed in our country. It usually affects women between the ages of 45 and 70 and, if found early, has a high rate of treatment. In control, about 85% of cases can be detected at an early stage. Therefore, women who have regular mammograms are important.

Thanks to vivid videos and exciting jingles, the Macmaan Civilian Association usually encourages the move to spread its message. 2016 "Enrique tits"They taught how to do breast self-examination and reach millions of people, even in other countries around the world." Next year "Everyone likes tits"He replaced the jets in his mouth, which raised his voice against censorship of social networks.

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