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Seven new Essential pricing program keys one week after its debut in supermarkets

Program Essential Prices It started at the beginning of this week with 64 basic consumer products that have to keep their price for six months. But the first five days of the gondolas characterize confusion among consumers and works against the clock businesses and supermarkets to make all products available. To which was added an increase of $ 3.50 dollar, how to a 8% increase over the whole week, which began to create a number of rumors about the opportunity to follow the program.

Although the Secretary of Commerce explained that all items on the list will be available from Monday, April 29th, it was announced that some of them will come later because they are still in the production process. Here the new program keys valid until September:

When will all products be available?

The date agreed between suppliers, supermarkets and the Trade Secretary for the full list to be available is next Monday, April 29th. However there are products that are still in the production process, so your arrival in supermarkets will take more time. There may also be delays in cases where supermarket chains have to order zero products that have not been sold so far.

Some product products are three types of noodles Regio (from Molinos) and rice The Apostles Adecoagro. At the same time, it has already been announced that the long-term small (whole and skimmed) brand of the same brand will only think after May 7 and yerba mate Ytacuá from May 15 – 1 kg.

Can I have difficulty delivering?

Suppliers agreed to deliver supermarkets but compliance will depend on the level of inflation. As the rest of the goods in the category increase their prices, the gap with the essential prices will be maintained, which will keep the value of frozen goods that can increase demand.

In some large supermarket chains, they already anticipate that in case of shortcomings they will replace Essential Prices products with similar products but will keep the agreed price. "We are trying to reduce any noise and anticipate potential problems due to lack of stocks, we will undertake to replace them with the same pricing conditions," they say from one chain.

Are the most important prices in the cheapest market?

Not. Each category has prices that are lower than those for products in the harmonized list. According to the Focus Market consultation, for example, there are differences of up to 60% between contracts and other articles.

This is the case when Ilolay drinking yoghurt per liter, which costs US $ 63, but at the same time there are other 38 pesos on the market. Morixe rebozador for 500 grams costs $ 42.1 and the market has other options for 35.2 pesos. There are also differences in polenta and flour.

What will happen to the program after the last days of the dollar rally?

Suppliers confirm that it is too early to turn on alarms about the viability of the plan. But they also admit it they made production calculations with a dollar estimate that did not predict the leaps on Wednesday and last Thursday.

"We do not expect the dollar to be so fast. We analyzed the cost component as a whole, and the dollar we made for that date was much lower – from 42 to 43 pesos. Over the six months of the program, the expected dollar development was similar to the expected monthly inflation of 4% in April and up to 3%, ”explains the CEO of one supplier.

Did demand for these products increase?

Although the program is only valid a few days ago, supermarkets confirm it queries increased for products included in the list. However, they explain that consumer behavior tends to seek the lowest price for each product category, beyond a particular list item.

"No doubt there is much hope. People who ask for essential prices are looking for them and looking for them. That is the case, and there are many social organizations and local authorities that also ask and check how to understand how it works, ”they explained from another supermarket chain.

Where can you get meat for $ 149 per kilogram?

On Monday, export commitments will also be made through which Carnes Argentinas ABC Consorcio de Exportadores de Carnes will offer three cuts of meat (roasted, empty and mathematics) to $ 149 finals in the Central Market Retail Exhibition and over 100 outlets in the federal capital, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, San Juan, Mendoza, Formosa, Corrientes, Chaco, Misione, Entre Ríos, Tucuman, Santiago del Estero , Salta, Jujuy, Catamarca, La Rioja, La Pampa and San Luis.

These are sales points:

Where can I report missing?

If 64 products are missing, Monday, April 29, the complaint can be submitted to the National Consumer Protection Directorate by phone: 0-800-666-1518 or through the website

The Ministry of Production and Labor reported that it was 350 inspectors across the country who will control the presence of Essential products in gondolas.

Products will be available 2500 outlets across the country, in the following supermarket chains: Alpha supermarkets, Beltrand supermarkets, Blü, Borbotti hypermarket, Carrefour, Cooperativa Obrera, Cordiez, Coto, Day, El Nene, El Túnel, Híper Único, Josimar, Jumbo, Disco, Vea, La Amistad, Anonymous, Summit , Economy, Omar and Vilanova, SuperCam, Supermarket Aida, Supermarket El César, Supermarket All, Supermarkets Goodbye, Supermarkets Caceres, Tomás de León, Supermarkets, Walmart and Zorzon Supermarkets.

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