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Semaphore Diet: Knowing that glycemic index is an important food weight

Obesity and overweight are diseases that are called multiple factors, and, contrary to what was thought to be long, calories are not the determining factor in weight gain.

There are endless diets to lose weight, but is it effective and safe? The answer is that there is no magic. The ideal and healthy diet plan will be the one that adapts to the taste and lifestyle of the person who does it, providing a wide range of nutrients and the energy that every organism requires.

There is a value that has to be taken into account, and it seems to have great responsibility for obesity and especially body fat formation: it is called glycemic index.

Review by specialists from Leeds University, England and published in 2006 American nutrition magazine confirmed that "glycemic index diet is an effective tool for weight control and health improvement in general".

Milton Dan is a cardiologist (MN 119041) and a European Master's degree in nutrition and dialogue with Infobae He explained that "the glycemic index is not a diet, but a means to control the effects of food consumption on blood sugar, which helps to choose and combine food".

Thus, a diet based on a glycemic index is a diet plan that determines how the food affects the blood sugar level.

In this respect, Dan noted that "the glycemic index for its calculation does not take into account the size of a portion of food or the total nutritional composition", but admitted that "it can support those people who want to lose weight or keep their weight healthy.

The University of Sydney, Australia's Glycemic Index Research Services maintains an international database so you can distribute foods according to your glycemic index in high (red), medium (yellow), and low (green). .

"Carbohydrates are macronutrients present in food. The three main types are simple (sugars), complex (starch) and fiber said Dans. When something is taken with carbohydrates, the body breaks down into sugar and starch and transforms it into a new type of sugar called glucose, which is the main source of energy for our body cells. The fiber crosses directly without digestion. "

He continued to say: "Insulin is the hormone that relieves the pancreas responsible for blood glucose control." Responding to glucose increases insulin levels and increases fat storage and shortens satiety. which is more appetite. ”

A diet based on the glycemic index is a low glycemic index, and while it is not necessary to ban any food, it is essential to reduce the consumption of people with a high glycemic index or to develop strategies to lower the glycemic index. "One of the experts' recommendations is the contribution of the Satial nutrient or what is known as" hardy starch ".

"Satial is a dietary ingredient that is added directly to the meal or is taken in tablets and lowers the glycemic index of the food. It also blocks 75% of calories and increases fiber uptake, which is in line with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) The US is an effective strategy for lowering and controlling weight alongside a balanced diet and achieving physical activity, ”the specialist said.

Durable starch is produced by cooling food rich in complex carbohydratesthus, the structure of the starch molecule is altered, its absorption is inhibited and the glycemic index decreases.

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