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Second round: Matías Martín answered Cabito

Matías Martin moved in a few minutes to talk about the withdrawal of Cabito Massa Alcántara after talking to La Nación in a few minutes and hinted that the journalist and driver did not worry him at the worst health moment.

The leader criticized the former member's decision not to make a departure from the air or cycle organized, and to choose "Instagram Posting and Afternoon Programs".

Cabito had a harsh word with Martin. "The decision was Matīss Martin, not the radio authorities," he told Ciudad. "I said that he was taking care of my health, and I do not know if he was coming to the sanatorium when I was hospitalized. What to worry about? I had a stomach outburst because I was dead during my obesity. In fact, I've been clinically dead after and I spent four days in intense tube therapy, and these moments help you understand what's with you and who is not who invites you and who does not appear, "he added in an interview with La Nación.

Following the long Cabito words, the historian FM subway driver made a strong rejection of responsibility and left the possibility that the program will end in 2019.

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Well, I wanted to talk, I wanted to say something about what happened these days and about everything that happened. Simply saying … we breathe a little because … I care a lot about Cabito, we are always with him, we have helped him a lot, I am always close, I was never indifferent to his situation, he knows that I am him I help, he knows it I was close and now there is evidence: WhatsApp screenshots in my conversation with a doctor that I never thought or did not think I was going to send them.

"I am very important, we have always helped him with him always, I am always close, it has never been different from his condition, he knows that I helped him, he knew that I was close and he had evidence: WHAT IS THE DIALOGUE WITH YOUR DOCTOR WHEN WEEKS WEEKS EVERYWHERE IS POSSIBLE OR REQUIRED WHEN YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND ".

Changes in the team do not respond to personal questions, they react to artistic themes that were mentioned and specified one by one, hand in hand, face to face, face to face. The microphone is open here and, by streamlining the fact that he offered him all the opportunity to say goodbye to me next door, alone, by phone or by voice, choosing Instagram and afternoon TV shows, the decision is a little hard for me to understand. First and foremost, this is being made known repeatedly, and almost always with Coki, who is always on his side and always supports him. I understand that this closure is painful, because he wants a program, but there are no fighting. Never been My love and my family are still there. It is also painful for me to do it with my heart alone and without him. It's as painful as the whole process and the huge difficulties it faces and the obligation to solve it. I came to think about completing the program this year, next month. I even talk to each of the teams. "This is Basta's end," I said to everyone in their eyes. Finally, I was able to solve it differently and try to invent the program. And with peace of mind, you know very well what I do and, above all, as I do: always with humanity, respect and love.

This closure may even be the fuel that gives us the necessary power now, faced with another program year. Probably 2019, if this is the last Basta de Todo year. From my sweetheart enough of everything.

Finally, Cabito turned to the networks where he sent his best wishes to the two new Basta de Todo additions, which are Malena Guinzburg and Martín Garabal. He also criticized those who insult the program or a member who does not make him happy.

@cabito on Instagram: "Part 5: Special Order: Those who cry my departure from the program with a loving mje, it reaches me and makes me fine. They told me and I went to …"

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