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Samsung is preparing a galaxy focused on video games

Galaxy Fold Version With Buttons When You Play Minecraft or Fortnite … What Do You Think?

Let's Go Digital

Samsung is close to the announcement of a folding phone known as Galaxy Timesbut the company would also develop a similar mobile phone while focusing on video games, under the patent of a South Korean company and located at Let's Go Digital.

The patent shows a foldable phone with a number of physical buttons that are typical of conventional video game controls: cross buttons (known as d-pad) to handle and move character and buttons to perform action within the game.

A trusted site indicates that the part of the device that contains the game buttons would be foldable so that when the device is folded, the buttons can be displayed or hidden depending on the usage.

Samsung has focused on announcing a pull-down phone, also known as Galaxy X or Galaxy F, and sooner than later. The South Korean company was able to launch this phone as a celebration of its innovation capability and also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the successful Galaxy S line.

South Korean firm has already invited the press and guests to a will be held in San Francisco on February 20th and at least four versions of Galaxy S10 are awaited and we may see more information about Galaxy Fold.

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