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Sabrina Roja, separated from Luciano Castro: "This body would need a lot of chongo" – 01/19/2019


Less than a week from the confirmation that they are separated Luciano Castro (43) Sabrina Roja (38) published a publication on the network It caused all kinds of comments and speculation.

"This institution would need a lot of chongo like never", wrote in Instagram stories and accompanied a text with a bikini, a sea in the background, and a party emotion.

Although the replies received are not public, Ángel de Brito (42) shared Twitter about the capture of this report and received several opinions.

Report by Sabrina Rojas on Instagram.

Report by Sabrina Rojas on Instagram.

"Did they catch it again?", a joker follower, referring to a problem that the model suffered a few weeks ago, when the hacker published a harsh accusation against Castro, whom he denied.

This report talked about "psychopath, drug addict and violent of which Rojas is believed to say "finally" he goes "freely". "I'll remove my mask. Someone has to stop you"he threatened.

But this time it wasn't a hacker who posted his Instagram account. And though many interpreted this publication as a provocation by Castro, Sabrina also received many positive comments.

"He deserves it"said one user. Another, he added: "Luciano did not know how to appreciate her next-door woman, any thief's favorite men were better. "

The mobile phone he gave Invaders (America, at 13:30), Rojas told them about their separation. In addition, he confirmed that the actor is "intense and moody" and did not rule out possible unbelief.

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