Sunday , April 11 2021

Romain Manguel spoke about the pressure she was taking from the harassment she suffered at the loss of animals

It's a fantasy that the television world is fabulous, and those working in front of the cameras are earning enormous economic income, great popularity and the chance to join this exclusive circle of celebrities who live in a reality that is very different from the reality of the ordinary and current, but also behind the brilliance and ghost horrible realities as Romina Manguel continues to lose animals.

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The journalist after hearing Thelma Fardn's strong testimony against Juanda Darth impressed Alejandro Fantino and his other attendants with an unprocessed account of something that lived and lived, and said: "The 500 actress accompanied Thelma Fardin to submit this complaint because they did not believe in Calu Rivero, who was a very successful strip when The victims were condemned when we could, a guest who constantly offended me, and Tato Young stayed with me as he knew about it. "

Mangju continued his story with a shimmering emotion: "He did not leave me the second, even this person followed me, I did not dare say what he is, I'm not going to condemn him, because he condemns when he can, not when he wants. They say I'm looking for it, but I can always go to your house, and that does not mean anything, we can be in the ball, and if I do not feel it's not, "he added.

Obviously, after making this strong statement, a member of the Fantino group began to get pressure to speak the name of the persecution, and so far has systematically refused to do so, while showing the inconvenience to be borne in mind: "The great friend of the good friends adored the forest owners really cares and a couple of miserable "to worry": they want the names of Berreth's political operetta. Do not rely on me, "said a journalist.

And then he added: "They give words about the alleged stalker's air, disregarding my time and my decision not to speak, it's not one of those who say will only turn up a little more, it's not. They tell journalists and not only they are random designates words that I have never given, and, moreover, they certify that I'm not talking to maintain a contract with the state. We do not get waste. "

Listening to his words, Manguel received support from various colleagues:

Florence Etcheves: "They told Romain that she was looking for a press, Romina, who has a camera and a microphone every day … Do you really think it's nice to press the press to report harassment? You know why many women are silent, or else for the reason they accuse the search of fame ".

Maximilian Montenegro: "Le trasmit a privately and I ratify that you have all my support if you want to indicate the name of the persecution. But that depends on what she feels and her times. It seems to me unbelievable that politicians are starting to start both sides – to speculate on this topic. "

Jos Luis Espert: "Hello All attendees at your table We are with you in the unpleasant situation that you mentioned. Strength! Kiss "

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