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Robot playing perfect Jeng is angry on social networks


February 1, 2019

They claim that the invention of a power sensor, camera and clamp could be used for collecting consumer goods or individual materials for recycling.

The robot that plays the perfect Jeng is nets

Group of Scientists and Engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology were the ones responsible for the new robot, which quickly went to the virus on different digital platforms, taking into account the ease to play Jenga.

Professionals have managed to pass on the touch and the use of vision to the algorithmthat evaluates all possible scenarios to make a precise movement that does not break a wooden block-shaped tower.

Android uses a hierarchical model that allows you to get details accurately and accurately. Thus, the invention identifies when a piece is blocked or not, and depending on who makes the decision.

"The robot forms groups; then develops and learns models for each of these groups. Instead of learning a model that includes everything that could happen.He explained Nima Fazeliresponsible for the project.

"Stan", a robot that places cars

However, the beginning was a failure and more than one time the tower collapsed. Your inventors have put forward a series of power sensors in hand was artificial and allowed him to explore the game as he was able to learn from his mistakes.

As they pointed out, the robot it collected only about 300 unsuccessful attempts. This number was sufficient to determine which parts were the most difficult to move. As well as possible scenarios due to their movements.

Android's accuracy and motor skills are appreciated by other industries for example, to allow the assembly of small pieces or the removal of recyclable materials.

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