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Return to the Night Close Go …

Although Acuña denied by other means that Resolution No. 4055 relates to the closure of schools, the Horacio Rodríguez Larreta administration canceled the event. "Fighting makes sense," said UTE.

"Yes, of course, they are closed" – in a tense dialogue with journalist Nelson Castro, Acuña, was confirmed on December 21st. "Asked about the views of 14 affected school students, he confirmed that he had not spoken to" these pupils "after he confirmed that he had attended all schools in the area.

From now on, the industry guild, which had a weekly unemployment day, warned that in the case of the Buenos Aires government, reverse gear would not be provided, condemning the fact that, for the first time since 1983, government closed schools. The Head of the Educational Workers' Union now acknowledged those who sent Rodríguez Larreta and Acuña's rejection of his initiative. "We are very grateful to the educational community, our neighbors, and I assure you that this city has a very big heart and sanctions for those governors who want to manage with a little heart and want to close schools." Lopez, however, warned that the official decision had an election signal, and it was taken "with one eye to the campaign more than confidence".

At present, the abolished resolution provided that the first year in 2019 would not be admitted and justified the extent to which night school curricula were "outdated and outdated".

The affected schools, whose registration will be extended until 31 March, were: Trade name no. 1 of 1 Dr.Antonio Bermejo, Commercial No. 1 10 of 1 Islas Malvinas Commercial No. DE 3 Isaac Halperin, Sales No. 1 of 4 Joaquín V. González, Commercial No. 7 of 7 Merchant Marine Argentina, Sales Nr. 9 of 11 by José Ingenieros, Sales Nr. 11 of 17 José Peralta, Commercial Name Nr. 21, Juan XXIII, commercial no. 21 of 21 Leopoldo Marechal, Sup.Comercial Nr. 3 out of 7 Hipólito Vieytes, Liceo Nr. ° 8 DE 13 Esteban Echeverria, School No. 2 of 1 Domingo F. Sarmiento, debt no. 14 of 2 Juan José Paso, Rev. 2 May 2 15, 3rd school from 3rd J. Martín de Pueyrredon, School No. 11 out of 4 Hipólito Yrigoyen and School No. 16 of 15 Guillermo Rawson.

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