Friday , March 5 2021

Referee Tobar donates Libertadores final to Telethon

The Chilean referee Roberto Tobar not only received all the applause after the presentation of Copa Libertador's first final between Boku and the river, but also showed that he was magnificently in the squad.

As such, the referee decided to donate a bomb, in which the most expensive cause was challenged between booster and chickens: Telethon.

Of course, because Tobar clearly stated that "I will donate a bomb to Telethon, which will be auctioned, so we will send it to Mario Kreutzberger", as he said to El Mercurio.

However, other Libertadores final memories will keep them. For example, a shirt and cards he used in court.

"I do not usually do this, but in order to reach this size, I had to stay these things going to my personal museum, which I created in my house with the most important my career reference points", he said.

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