Monday , September 27 2021

Public employees will also have an end-of-year bonus (they are analyzing in addition to AUH) –

"I confirm that there will be a bonus for state employees"he claimed a large Casa Rosada fountain. A decree imposing an obligation to provide an additional allowance for employees clearly excludes national staff, but the decision to grant it has already been taken by the executive.

Only this week will be the meeting with the Deputy Chief of Staff Andrés Ibarra and Andrés Rodríguez, Head of the National Association (UPCN) from UPCN to promote the amount and type of payments.

It is estimated that this figure will be the same as for private companies – about 5000 pesos, and the official intention is that it will be paid in two installments.

The measure will benefit some 200,000 central government (ministries and centralized and decentralized agencies) public sector employees, with the exception of state-owned enterprises, universities and armed forces and security personnel.

At first, it was considered that the Minister for Finance, Nicolás Dujvone opposes the granting of this allowance in the light of efforts to reduce the primary deficit.

However, lower public spending would provide a bonus for state employees. In addition, comments that one child may also have an additional allowance for the universal recipient.

It should be remembered that the government always shut down employees from the public sector in the state, arguing that it is being negotiated in parity.

The premium of € 5,000 paid by the private sector is expected to be paid out in two installments, which will be paid out by November's salaries, which will be due in December, while the remainder will be payable in January for January salaries.

The decree will consider those companies that are "particularly in crisis or poor production" and will be authorized to "adjust the maturity and amount of bonds".

Also, salary contracts that were already closed throughout the year and agreed to the "can compensate for the increase" for the review with the total wage bill, unless companies and trade unions explicitly disagree with "absorption".

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