Wednesday , April 21 2021

Prosecutor Stornelli asks for the arrest of a lawyer, his daughter and an oath in favor of Daniel Müzos

Federal Prosecutor Carlos Stornelli has requested the arrest of Miguel Angel Plo, a former lawyer from Carolina Pochetti, widow of Daniel Muniñas, Nestor and Kristina Kirchner's private secretary, who would have removed more than 70 million dollars from the state, caused by notebooks. Prosecutor he also asked to arrest Plo's daughter, lawyer María Jesús Pló and her husband Federico Zupivihu, they pointed to Infobae court sources.

The prosecutor argued that both Plo and his daughter and infant would have been part of the attempts of Mujon's widow get rid of 16 properties that he has won Miami and New York through various frontmen.

The existence of these departments was discovered when the Panama Papers case revealed contributions that the former Néstor Kirchner secretary was investing in foreign companies using Panama's Mossack Fonseca company.

Pat sand they discovered Plo, his daughter and / or oath of travel to the United States at key times when the sale of these properties through various companies would be activated., with the stated objective of complicating the money route.

As you may have known Infobae, the arrest warrant was formulated in a public prosecutor before judge Claudio Bonadio, who had temporarily placed a summons to investigators. The magistrate wants to ask María Jesús Plo and her husband today to find out what explanations they are giving to the prosecution's suspects.

On Monday, Plo appeared in a Bonadio trial. In his presentation, he confirmed that his travels to the United States were related to tourism and rejected the suspicion of links with Daniel Munioz and his environment.

A few weeks ago a lawyer had punished Bonadio and Stornelli for breach of secrecy.

Plo is a prominent lawyer with strong ties to the Buenos Aires Peronism who, in 2000, was an official in the Buenos Aires area and even represented Peronist Unionist daughter Claudio Rucci José Ignacio Rucci– Secretary-General of the CGT, who was assassinated in 1973, asked to explore the four former hierarchies Montoneros

In a case that was born in the Luis Rodriguez court and ended with the addition of corrective notebooks, Stornelli put forward the alleged "legal, corporate and banking structures in Argentina and abroad"who worked for Daniel Muñoz" to distribute, modify, transfer, manage, sell, conceal and circulate marketable funds of allegedly illicit origin, which may have occurred (due to notebooks) and convert them into a formal economic circle by adopting legality ".

The contribution of the two accused collaborators (a former couple who admitted to being a member of Muñoz's predecessor) Stornelli believes that Plo would have been part of the maneuvers that had been activated by his client to try to get rid of the qualities which were discovered in Miami and New York.

According to the prosecution, detained today Juan Manuel Campillo -exercise – Finance Minister Kirchner Santa Cruz and former ONCAA leader Gaston Campillo attended the Plo de "The United States has already eliminated the structure of armed forces in the sale of registered properties", possibly on behalf of Munoz frontmen, who were also detained in this case or were arrested and managed to release after a statement of repentance.

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