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It is now over 5 years when the current console generation is not restored … at least in case Sony. In 2013, the current one was announced and distributed PlayStation 4 who is in direct competition with Xbox One no Microsoft and Nintendo Switch no Nintendo, but soon this console could be the successor: PS5.

Even if the new version PS4, PlayStation 4 Pro, significantly improves the performance of virtual reality games and has a stronger version of its physical components, it is still considered to be part of the same generation as its standard edition, and from various rumors shows that Sony is already thinking about the next big update with the structure that different from previous entertainment stations, based on new trends with video game developers and applications.

In this context, in this article, we collect all the information we have about this console Sonythat might be PS5.

Start of PS5

Technically, Sony has not revealed any pointers PlayStation for years. However, in an interview with the head of the Financial Times in October Kenichiro Yoshida, slightly commented on his next console, which would replace the PS4.

"At this point I can say that next-generation hardware is needed," commented Yoshida, avoiding any time to confirm that the future Sony console will be called PlayStation 5.

The same interview talked about rumors that the company will develop a tablet PC that connects all mobile devices, the video gaming market that Sony is still not exploring, despite an incredible $ 70 billion in the industry in a year ago.

Some experts agree Sony I intend to be a more active part of e-sports, where your new console takes the lead in ensuring that your devices can support the most demanding electronic sports in the industry.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata, told Xbox Magazine that the next generation of consoles, both the next Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation 5 Sony, based on the cloud structure, has recently used technology for streaming music and television programs.

Tabata believes that, with the latest trends in PS4 and Xbox One, the industry seems to point to online services and keeps its users connected for as long as possible. It would translate to a Netflix-like service where a player would pay a monthly subscription to access a large corporate gaming library.

It would already be half the reality of Microsoft, who would have announced this service called "xCloud", which allows you to reproduce Xbox games on your computer, consoles and mobile devices. This service would be available to the public from 2019.

PS5 release date

PlayStation 2 was launched in 2000, and its successor to PlayStation 3 was launched in 2006. They had to spend another 7 years to discover their next console by presenting PlayStation 4 in 2013.

It will be 6 years since the release of this last version in 2019, so its trend in 2020 will be the final launch of Sony's next-generation consoles. Mat Piscatellawell known NPD group analyst, also estimates that this time the company will launch its new product.

He says everything will depend on PS4 sales in 2018. Even though the cycle points to 2020 as the ideal launch date for the console, it would be interesting to see the current generation's price behavior with respect to the market, including special offers, to see if there are any changes that would speed up the business with its launch.

Michael PachterAnother famous video game analyst also found that the PS5 will not be released before 2020, adding that if Microsoft or Sony takes the first step in the new generation, it wouldn't be long before the other closely follows.

Also Lewis WardIDC analyst adds to this discussion that seeing it more closely with the production process model, these companies will gain much more from Xbox One and PS4 if they wait until 2021 when he will appreciate It would be the last year of revelation.

PS5 price

Yes Sony is following its trend with consoles PlayStation 5 it would have an approximate cost for its predecessor, which would be around € 399 in Europe and US $ 460 in the US.

However, in Latin America, this price could rise due to shipping costs, taxes and many other bonuses that official dealers decide to add. Perhaps its final price ranges from 2000 to 2400 for Peru, although it will increase if it is a limited edition or next to launching a video game.

Games for PS5

There is a huge rumor that the next console generation might be opposed to interoperability. Until recently, recently Marc-André JutrasHellpoint and former Activision and Ubisoft workers commented in an interview with Gamingbolt that he thought it was more than just a rumor:

"I think at least the PlayStation will do it, I know if it was an Xbox 360 where they had this list of compatible games from the original Xbox? Did they have to approve the game with the game? I would like to have an emulator playing all the games. who have a console, maybe with a few mistakes, not saying that there are 50 games in my library and that I can only play 4 of them because others have not been approved. I like the switch does not have this compatibility, but when the Wii U came out , any Wii game worked, this is the right way to do it. "

Jutra He adds that there is a dilemma with new consoles, because for a short time they will not have many new games. Will developers be the ones that cause people to buy this console? Or will console sales drivers create new games?

In any case, users are likely to buy a console, which can be a big part of its predecessor's catalog, so the first games it takes would be those already available on the PS4.

It should be remembered that developing a video game with the most up-to-date graphics is a long process that can last for several years. Therefore, it is possible that the names planned during the premiere in 2020 or 2021 are already being processed to update the next consoles.

PS5 technical specifications

Although the new physical structure is not yet officially known PlayStation 5AMD manager Lisa Su has given some guidance on the future of the company and its new chips for the coming years. She expects the company to have a significant growth in this sector from 2020.

Jutra, now director of Cradle Games, also talked to GamingBolt that next-generation consoles will fail on teams with 16 GB of RAM, as most games don't use as much memory. Yes, "I believe the next generation will probably be from 8 to 12 years old". "Also, what you will see is probably a good number of kernels, I would not be surprised if the next generation would be Ryzen 2600 or something, because it is really stable, cheap and has a good number of cores."

Currently, PS4 and Xbox One are equipped with AMD APU, so they are expected to continue this trend in the next console generation. In addition, there is a rumor that the new PS5 will use the 8-core AMD Ryzen chip as the CPU, so this information with Lisa Su, if 2020 is the latest launch date for the new console.

Again, Marc André JutrasAAA industry veteran said to Gamingbolt that he expects the new generation of consoles to range from 8 to 12 GB of RAM:

"I don't think we see 16GB of RAM, most games don't use so much RAM."he said only. "I think the next generation would probably be 8 to 12. What we could see is a lot of cores, I wouldn't be surprised if we see next generation with Ryzen 2600 or something, it's stable, cheap and good number of kernels. "

So many Microsoft how to Sony They have confirmed that they are working on future desktop consoles and it is not clear what their architecture will be for years to come. At the moment, PS4 reaches the end of its life cycle, so rather, all the technical parameters of this new console will be revealed.

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