Sunday , April 18 2021

Pepe Sand returns to Lanús, and fans will be happy about his arrival

His absence was not so long, but southern Buenos Aires did not know him about the horrors. In January 2018, he left with Lanú's problems with leadership, but less than a year after his departure, they announced their return: José Sand put on a pink shirt again.

The player has everything arranged with the Argentinean club, and it is expected that it becomes official in the coming hours details of his return. In fact Peper posted his Instagram account, which smiled from the fan.

"Someone once said that I left my neighborhood when, but when … I always come!" He wrote. The footballer used this piece of Anibal Troilo's "Nocturno a mi barrio" song to publish a statement, and his followers were very excited.

The fans will attack Pepe Sand.
The fans will attack Pepe Sand.

After reaching the Copa Libertadores 2017 finale with Lannu, the 38-year-old attacker had a short-circuit with the most important head of the institution. There he decided to look for new directions and sign América de Cali, where he played in recent months.

But Smile knows that he is coming his last career and his desire to retire at Gran Club, where he spent his best moments. So he returns, hoping to help the team find a new direction, and why to make the fans have the ultimate pleasure.

Lanus Pepe Sands won two local tournaments, a twenty-year-old cup and Argentinean Supercup. In addition, he won the second place in the Copa Libertadores.

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