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Pato Fontanet returns to the scene


Patricio Fontanet, former singer of rock band Callejeros, and group bassist Christián Torrejón, they were allowed to go to Uruguay give your comments with your current project Don Osvaldothis weekend the group's manufacturers informed yesterday.

Don Osvaldo will play on Saturday at the Landia Exhibition Center, on the shores of the tourist town of Canelones.

Both musicians condemn Cromañón tragedy – 194 people died and over 1,400 were injured – and although they are free, they are still serving execution, so they had to ask the Enforcement Judge to leave the country.

Musicians are probation– The benefits they achieved to meet two-thirds of the fine.

Don Osvaldo consists of Fontanet and Torrejón and guitarists Pedi Puentes and Crispin Pedrellos as well as drummer Luis Lamas. As guest musicians appear Juano Falcone on Percussion, Leopoldo Janin on Scissor, Gabriel Dad Gerez on Keyboards and Facundo Violin.

After this exhibition Fontanet and Torrejón protection they asked for permission to travel and Judges José Pérez Arias and Marcelo Peluzzi they granted both permits for both licenses.

One of the documents that had to be submitted is the property permit, if there is a recital, the accident insurance and the security and supervision company agreement that will be in force.

In the last months of 2018 the band released songs Evolution, What is said and what has been done, and I feel thought which will be part of an album with new songs to be released this year.

The Callejeros vocal leader has been sentenced to seven years in prison and Torrejón for up to five years. In May last year, Fontanet was the last member of the group to regain freedom. But they still serve the sentence. That is why they have to request legal proceedings. Fontanet and Torrejón are the only former Callejers who make Don Osvaldo.

The Cromañón tragedy took place on 30 December 2014.

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