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Overview with features, pricing and specifications

Gradually, various manufacturers have added Google's rate for its pure software without additives. With a slightly slow start, Android One benefits from followers, and Motorola has been one of the last millionaires to join. The range of Lenovo international mobile devices has been on the market for a number of unlimited personalized bets that have already been made in the past, but now they have a Android One stamp. The Motorola One has been one of them.

The Motorola One has entered the Motorola catalog as the mid-line to compete face-to-face with other models already operating on the market and Android One carriers, such as Xiaomi Mi A1 last year, or this model A2 Lite. A discreet phone in specifications, but interesting both in terms of performance and aesthetics, is through our analysis table to show us what it can. Have you been with us during the analysis?

Motorola One, technical specifications

Motorola One

The screen

5.9 inch LCD LTPS
Aspect 19: 9
Resolution 1 520 x 720


Snapdragon 625
Eight cores at 2GHz
Adreno 506 GPU


4 GB


64 GB plus microSD

Rear cameras

13 megapixels f / 2.0
2 megapixels
LED flash
4K video at 30 frames per second

Front camera

8 megapixels f / 2.2
LED flash


3000 mAh
Rapid Charge TurboPower

The system

Android 8.1 one


Wifi 4
Bluetooth 4.2
USB Type C
NFC chip

Dimensions and weight

150 x 72 x 7.97 millimeters
197 grams

The price

299 euros

Glass everywhere except frame

Motorola One Analysis

A little different phones in the design of the lately, and it also moves to the section of building materials. With plastic almost erased, and the metal that attracts attention to it glass is entering the market, and Motorola One we find it everywhere except for the phone frame as it might otherwise be.

Well with the weight, the ergonomics of this Motorola One, which comes with the body mostly made of glass

With the frontal delivery of phones even more, if we add to the "branch" that invades the market as a virus, we find the phones that increase their screen, but these changes do not affect too much. This Motorola 5.9 inches is quite comfortable both in width and with 72 millimeters and in weight, although we are talking about a 200 gram brush model. The phone is fairly balanced and does not become annoying at any time, although we will have to help both hands to handle it. Remember that we are moving to a 6-inch border.

As for the disposition, Motorola One is quite classic. We have the right side, which is reserved for volume and power buttons, normally sounded above the power, and the right frame is only on the microSD and SIM display because we have triple trays activated up to two phone lines. At the top, we have a headphone jack, annoying or appropriate, depending on the taste, and the charge is placed at the bottom, with a USB type C device next to the main speaker of the phone.

Motorola One Analysis

We're talking about a "notch" phone and, therefore, some pretty rigid shots. The front camera is located on this eyebrow, which is removed from the top of the screen, and next to it we have an LED flash added to the photographic equipment. The rest of the front is the whole screen, with the exception of a small lower chin which contains the brand name. The rear also cleans the dual camera next to your flash and the fingerprint reader is centered. We're facing Android One, so we'll have a Google brand at the bottom of the phone.

Crystal plus dark color is the same as fingerprints. And the oleophobic layer of this Motorola One can be improved.

We have commented that the Motorola One is a handy guide, but it does not turn out to be too clean. One of the endemic mobile phones is the fingerprint indicator, and here oleophobic layer is not well resolved. If we add that it is a black model and it seems to look like a mirror, depending on how the light falls, we find a magnet for our fingers, as well as dust and other stains. The bad news for coercive users who want to keep the phone always clean will require a lot of patience.

For the rest, One is pretty well solved at the surface change level, with a smooth jump between the screen and the back with frames, despite the small edge being appreciated to find out that it is not a screen phone curve It also does not slip in hand, although it is another song on smooth surfaces. Fortunately, the rear cameras that are raised from the body help us maintain a certain amount of grip, even if they do not contribute to stability because they are not centered. Comfortable for hands and pockets, aesthetically pleasing and not too clean at the time of use. This is a summary of what we can do from this Motorola Motorola and Lenovo.

LCD and "notch", traditions and trends in one place

Motorola One Analysis

Trends are as they are and those who oppose them are the problem that they tend to impose themselves, either temporarily or permanently. At this time mobile market is moving towards OLED, either plastic or Super, curved or flat, and the LCD starts to beat well critics, which are somewhat unreasonable, especially those relating to their black color depth. Something that high-quality models have been rejected. On the other hand, we have eyebrows or "excellences" that are invading the industry, and it is almost impossible to avoid, except for individual brands. Motorola One we find it all, compressed into one phone.

5.9 inches with a "notch", maybe too much to play in the HD + league

Here we are talking LTPS LCD panel up to 5.9 inches diagonally, although it is at a height of only 15 cm. The frame without frames is magic and the panel is stretched out thanks to the eyebrow mentioned above. When you put it on the screen, the aspect stretches up to 19: 9, and the HD + resolution moves a bit further, ranging from 1,440 pixels at a height of 18: 9 to 1,520 pixels. The center of the top of the panel, of course, is not practical. This is the basis for the front camera.

This Motorola One has a good screen. It will not be the best in resolution or purity, nor the best in color display, but of course it's a good screen. We're on the phone with Android One, so the settings are as they are and you have to go to the configuration that the model produces from the factory. The configuration, which offers somewhat saturated colors and has a good level of brightness, although sometimes, like in the sunlight, we lose the extra shots that we see in other top models, and of course there is not much OLED.

Color Correction for Motorola One Color Correction for Motorola One

The only thing we can do here is to activate or deactivate the nightlife mode that can be programmed and that will color the screen orange tones, in theory, that our eyes remain, and a little more. But we have a screen that responds well to the tactile level, which offers a good spectacular experience in titles tailored to its length and which, Do not let too much compared to other aspects of the phone.

If the density of pixels we do not have the capital, one screen flies high. But if this is the case, it will leave a bittersweet flavor.

However, this is a failure that should be emphasized, and it is a fact that its resolution remains a bit short, because we move 285 pixels per inch. Less, speaking of the phone with these features and the price, not the fact that at least the rate was increased to FullHD +, although it affected the phone's overall autonomy and possibly overall performance.

It also has a good viewing angle and you have plenty to adjust to assess color aberration and loss of contrast, so we can work with it without a lot of problems, even if it is slightly removed. Usually a good screen, regardless of the gray points, and If resolution is not a serious problem for us. The problem is, as a rule, is the level at which the competition takes place, and here we can come to a slightly lower middle panel. Of course, it does not appear on a daily basis.

Comprehensive Snapdragon 625 returns to charge

Motorola One Analysis

These years are not in vain, and the Snapdragon 625 has been on the move for some time. It is enough for Qualcomm to replace it directly with the 626, which did not even circulate, or with models for the 63X line, which seems to be part of the background when it should be the other way around. However, Google knows what it's playing and, although we're getting into it Snapdragon 625 in this unit, the system is responsible for a smooth fluid, we have a feeling through the system that we have a better phone ahead of us.

It also helps provide 4GB of RAM, which opens up backgrounds in many applications, despite the fact that it has to deal with the classic shutdown that is inherent in the system. Using the phone every day is a pleasure, everything works at a sufficiently high speed and may also help reduce the resolution of the device. But the truth is it At the system level, everything is fine. From normal activities to multi-tasking and even to the use of two split-screen applications.

While the system works great, the most demanding games remove the Snapdragon 625 colors that are already considered as an age-old transition.

With the usual apps and games understanding the "ordinary" as unnecessary, the same thing happens. The names are opened at a good rate, although some may slightly exceed the account, especially if we are ahead of more "grumpy" graphics engines, such as Unity or Unreal, and when they open, they also work smoothly. With applications, it's the same even when scrolling through programs that handle large volumes of data. Everything seems to be fine … until we have to push the system, and the system places us on our site.

A year ago, everything at the software level was much more difficult. Two years ago, even less. Nowadays, things have changed, because they have always changed, and the most leading names call us to move on to a more advanced processor. Clash Royale or Hearthstone suffers from the phone. The Snapdragon 625 feels slightly outdated with slightly more "hardcore" titles and here we do not have the help of RAM. Adreno 506 arrives wherever it comes and we clearly notice that this Motorola One is a mid-range phone and even less with respect to time. At the level of benchmarks, as we will see below, feelings are more or less identical.

Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One
Moto G6 Play
Nokia 6.1
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


Snapdragon 625
Snapdragon 430
Snapdragon 630
Snapdragon 626
Snapdragon 625


4 GB
3 GB
3 GB
4 GB
4 GB



Geekbench (mono / multi)

856 / 4,206
864 / 4.293
864 / 4,304

3DMark (Icestorm)

13 760
16 522

PCMark (work 2.0)


It's worth it hold your fingerprint in the reader a bit, which Motorola places on the back, centered in width and moved up. A fingerprint reader that has evolved over previous generations and responds more quickly and accurately. Especially considering that we have put it in a test with slightly wet fingers to see what it could offer us.

The position is quite natural with respect to the phone's grip, and the phone is unlocked very quickly. The phone is less than half an hour free in our eyes. If we add it NFC chip to authorize mobile payments, and that Motorola One is equipped with Google Pay pre-installed, we have a sufficiently qualified phone with biometric data, which is always valued based on the price range in which it is traded. Mobile payments for all or almost everyone.

3000 mAh, are they enough?

Motorola One Analysis

One of the biggest doubts when choosing a mobile phone is its autonomy, and therefore, we usually look at the capacity of the battery, and if we have any experience, we will compare it with the screen size. Logically, a component that generates more consumption on the mobile phone. Although there more factors that play an important role in autonomy, such as hardware and software optimization and even the mobile coverage area where we move.

In one case, we come to ourselves internal battery 3000 mAh, not detachable as in most current phones, and you have to feed the panel 5.9 inches. Although its resolution allows the consumer to reduce consumption, despite being in front of the LCD panel, rather than one of OLED's, which is currently popular with more than a few manufacturers.

The 3000 mAh seems short on paper, but opposes everyday

The Motorola One Motorola offered us a pleasant experience, despite the fact that the paper promised a reduced autonomy. We've moved around with the average usage and retaining most of the day on the Wi-Fi network about six hours of screen usage. It takes a long time to withstand the whole day's work and even leave the remaining battery the next day.

Battery saving Motorola One

With a more aggressive test, either taking a lot of demanding games and applications, or part of the time from the time you spend on WiFi, and exposing yourself to the inclusion of data networks, the autonomy has dropped to offer us anything less than 5 hours on the screen. Also withstand the day, but here without excesses. In case we are more active users, we may have problems returning home by continuing to use the phone.

The best of these batteries is its charging system: Turbo Power.

Fortunately, we have the company's fast charging system, namely the development of the Quick Charge 3.0 offered by the processor. With Motorola TurboPower, we can take full charge to the phone in 1:15 minutes, although the first one will be the key. Only 20 minutes of charging, the phone recovers about 40% of the total energy, which allows us to detach from the socket for a few more hours.

The defect, although many may not be considered such a path, is that we have a glass phone that seems to be commonplace not to be used to include it wireless charging. The lack of metal should be invited to deploy this system charge, practically, despite the fact that it is slower than cable charging, but Motorola One we can not find it. Something to value for every user, but for us it is a gray point.

Android One, like Google

Motorola One Analysis

Over the years, Google has added more and more manufacturers to its clean experience, its unassembled layers or additions to the operating system, but its biggest step has been with Android One. Motorola has added two of its phones, One and One Power, despite the fact that For some time, the Chinese manufacturer did not do the system.

That's why Motorola One comes to us with no impurities, meaning impurities understood as something that helps lessen the experience Google has developed for your Android devices. Yes, Version 8.1, since the move to Android has not yet been done, although the phone will provide it soon. In fact, One Power has already started its upgrade.

Few things feel better than Android as a clean version of your system. Flows without overload.

Even so, we find some of the data that "touched" Motorola, for example gesture system included in the phone, which allows us to shake the phone to turn on the flash, or quickly rotate the phone to take an appointment. We also have other improvements, such as the Dolby Audio system, which can be configured from your phone program.

But after all, Motorola One offers a completely clean Android experience, and it's always appreciated, especially on phones with hardware like, for example, it might feel more time than others. However, this Motorola One has plenty of life left without layers that overload their use. Remember that you should get at least Android Q and possibly Android R?

Let's see how these cameras are?

Motorola One Analysis

Today it's a rarely mobile phone that offers dual cameras on the back, and some models are naturally ahead of it. Motorola One is no exception, and here the rear lenses are duplicated, and we get that kind of systems looking for more and more users: Selective blast Bokeh. Non-specific experience.

The Motorola One is in particular 13 Megapixel Sensor and Secondary 2 Megapixel Sensor, responsible for reading depth. Here we do not have an optical zoom or other benefits associated with secondary sensors, just a camera that aims to read the second plane so that the phone software can operate with as much information as possible. And the truth is that the work is in quite good quality, so that it is mediocre. A model that is really competitive at the level of photography.

Motorola One Analysis
Easy Analysis Motorola One
Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis

With Motorola One, we can produce highly accurate photos and vivid colors if there is a lot of light. The capture is fast, the edges are clear, and we can afford a certain magnification, always digital, until the defect seems to be pressed with a 13 megapixel sensor that goes beyond the usual limits. Taking a phone from your pocket and taking pictures is a habit, because attention is focused very quickly, and we seldom have moved from focus photography. Motorola has worked well with these small details that enhance the mobile camera experience. In addition, the phone has good dynamic range control and is an impediment to "burning" the darkest or lightest photographic places.

Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis

The extinction, easily activated from the Motorola One camera interface, is also of good quality and allows it to be adjusted with the scroll bar on three levels. Except for some cases when too many airplanes or objects are too small, there is confusion when it comes to blasting, One shows us close-ups quite well-identified. There is no background in the toothed edge or too forced fuzz. Of course, we also have a panorama mode, the results of which are fairly standardized in the market, and the opportunity to set some reductions for photography while we take it, not a posteriori. How to make them square.

Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis

When the light drops, there is something that we already expect that quality will diminish. Without light, genuine photo blood, low budget phones, and some higher prices. The focus becomes slightly neutral, and noise does not take much time, photos are recorded at less speed and therefore easier to escape. There are also difficulties in creating light sources such as local illumination, street lamps or vehicle lights. However, we anticipated that everything would be worse with the specified specifications, and Motorola One has been better than theoretically consistent.

We reached the front camera – the 8 megapixel sensor that allows us to play in some way, but thanks to the phone software, it offers selective blur. Yes, Motorola One too We have a front bokeh, regardless of one camera, although its processing is a little more wrong than the rear fog, probably due to the telephone's own AI. This is a blur that we can activate or deactivate at will, simply by switching from normal to portrait mode and working edges well, despite the fact that the background is too powerful and creates a sense of artificiality. Motorola does not work the same with one with two lenses, and here it is clear.

Motorola One Analysis
Motorola One Analysis

As for phone software, Motorola does not offer an app that is too much of a photography issue. As we mentioned, we have different types of photography, such as portrait or panoramas, and we can easily switch from the rear camera to the front camera. No optical zoom the camera interface becomes a bit cleaner and everything is pretty intuitive although, as we say, nothing is really remarkable. Correct camera app with no more and almost all available options.

This Motorola One camera or corporation camera is more precise because its quality will not go away in history, but it shows that mid-range phones can operate at a good level without sacrificing too much. And, truly Those who are responsible for this One have not made things easy for their competitors. Good camera and trouble, always aware of the price level and the specifications we are shipping to.

Sound and Dolby

Motorola One Analysis

We pay special attention to mobile phone screens and cameras, but the sound section is just as important. Good sound can increase the phone's level when streaming a video, regardless of whether it is the same or a series of movies or other content. A bad video can ruin the experience and make us feel embarrassed. The case of Motorola One is a little gray.

Dolby sound does not improve the phone's speaker experience, but it results in a good level of headphone output

Yes, we have a Dolby sound system, but the headphone output is the best. EThe speaker, although it sounds good, tends to distort when we come up with sound to the maximal expression and that tests are performed with different quality. However, as we said, the experience is changing when we talk about headphones.

Dolby Sound for Motorola One

Here we have good sound quality and good quality, which can be appreciated by the higher budget headphones, but of course this 3.5mm jack does not work miracles. In spite of everything, good earphone experience, also with alternative Bluetooth features. Summary pretty good with headphones, normal speaker. That's a long thing, is not it?

Motorola One, Xataka's Opinion

Motorola One Analysis

We ended up with this analysis, and it is necessary to review each section and issue conclusions. Motorola One is almost everything that succeeds, but it is all that is connected with its operation, is subtle. Mainly about a processor that already announces the time elapsed and, despite the fact that it is still competitive, is no longer able to assess the most demanding situations.

This design is more than right, the phone is nice and elegant, although it seems quite durable We will have problems with dirt and fingerprints, the problem is most troubling users. But it's comfortable in the hand and pocket and almost does not look like a 6-inch look, partly due to frame reduction and "notch".

Without the idea, Motorola One has a good experience and becomes one of those phones, one of which comes to an end

As for cameras, good with light and normal at night, with good blow and also to properly manage colors. At night, all phones are losing, and also Motorola One, albeit slightly less than a big part of a competitor. The front camera also works well be the middle ground phone.

In short, the mobile phone, which surprised us with good results and that, in spite of the shortcomings, it is for them, he knows how to play his cards well and highlight his virtues. Of course, this is one of the recommended ranges despite serious competition. Motorola One may not be included in its history with any of its specifications, but it's a fairly balanced mobile device, and so few that reduce its price can ultimately have a lot of back sales. Good job, Motorola.



The screen7.5





Please please

  • Android One, no doubt
  • Rapid Charge Turbo Power
  • Good design, regardless of footprints
  • NFC and imprints, mobile payments are turned on


  • The processor is a bit "bigger"
  • The camera can be upgraded
  • The resolution is short

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