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Overview with features, pricing and specifications

After two years from the original "Mix" shift from concept to final product, Xiaomi is ready for Europe to deliver it. My blend 3.

Consolidated input range and Mi Mix 8 Pro as the most comprehensive reference Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which we have already tested Xataka, retains the status of another terminal with a different touch. In this case you need to talk about 10 GB of RAM and sliding chamber to avoid draft in its frame without frames.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Data Sheet 3

At the end of this year, and waiting for MWC 2019 to drop us the first terminals with relevant internal news, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Together, the technical spreadsheet has a solid base, which we have seen several times this year.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

The screen

AMOLED 6.39 "2.340 x 1080, 19.5: 9

Dimensions and weight

15.79 x 7.47 x 0.85 cm / 218 grams


Snapdragon 845


6 GB, 8 GB or 10 GB


128 GB or 256 GB

Front camera

Dual 24 MP + 2 MP

Rear Camera

Double 12 MP (f1.8) + 12 MP (f2.4)

Operating system

Android 9 with MIUI 10


Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual band, BT 5.0, NFC, USB-C


3200 mAh

The others

Enclosure of the sliding housing in the chamber

The price

For Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi Rampage RAM, where we have a 6 GB series, which can be increased to 8 and even 10 GB version with ceramic finish. It is anticipated that, by 2019, another twist of the bolt in the form of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, compatible with 5G networks, will be on the market.

My Mix 3 Content Box

The New Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 There is still no official price in Europe, and can only be obtained by importing from 569 dollars. In our case, we tested the version with 8 GB of RAM and Chinese ROM (available only in Chinese and English, with many local services and without the Google or Google Play store install).

Design without frames, without sight and without front cameras

That's what Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Not just the frames, the front fingerprint reader, or even a notch, as we will see it, it accurately places it on the screen among the winners, according to the manufacturer, more than 93%.

The next smartphone identity mark will be how they approach the design without frames, but with secondary cameras. This Mi Mix 3 bet offers a real "full screen" design

At the design level, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and visually very attractive terminal. Our analyzed model has a green finish, which is very surprising for this signal. It is built into the glass, but this combination is in a disadvantage authentic mirror which also attracts pretty traces.

Rear crystal

This visual appeal contradicts the ergonomics of Mi Mix 3. In the hand, it's a big but easy-to-handle terminal, and although it's balanced, almost 220 grams weight is significant over time. But the one that currently worries me most about Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as the main phone is that the curvature of the back and the type of glass finish make it a very slippery phone in hand. Xiaomi does not learn and is something too frequent in its terminals.

For me, it's almost important to have a thing, and in fact the box in addition to the headset adapter and the wireless charger has a solid plastic case with a good touch It improves grip and supports screen shear no problem

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 physical volume control and on / off switching on the right side are likely to be somewhat elevated to naturally reach the size of the terminal. Only on the opposite side, at the same height as the power button, we find Xiaomi Virtual Assistant physical button, which in the version we tested on the local ROM, is only available in the exact Chinese language.

My Imix 3 design

In the future, and as Xiaomi announced, it is expected that it will come in more languages ​​and even will A button that can be used with Google Helperwhich will make you more useful than today.

Other element elements include a nanoSIM card slot (double) and USB-C charging port five of two speakers, although as it happens more than desired, only one of them is real.

Hidden selfie camera

For many potential buyers, the most revealing Mi Mix 3 design level is the secondary camera block opening and activation system. Not worth it herenot big, not small

In this design, Xiaomi chose to integrate the system with which The cameras appear when you slide Mi Mix 3 on the back to the top Different and carefully with privacy. The latter is the only thing that keeps the system day by day.

The Mi Mix 3 slider camera system, since it's being introduced, convinces me not at the functional level, but I won the privacy

The system is really wonderful, yes, but I'm afraid that its implementation is more important precisely because it is interesting, not because of an effective outcome.

Initially, the glass back fender is slippery, with one hand being slid gesture to "wake up" the front camera system will not work more than if we put a lot of effort against the panel. In fact, there is enough strength. And in any case, more time to try to open the cameras by hand rather than to give up and help, on the other hand, something that has not become something natural at this time, I have spent with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

Opening screen

But even for those who are accustomed to attempting to open a system with a sometimes activated screen, we are forced to end up pressing the logon, and in the end, we need to return to the two hands again.

The sliding system also hides the front speaker, which, when opened, reveals all the dirt that can accumulate when carrying the terminal trousers in your pocket.

This speaker will be the one that works when we get a screen on the screen to receive a call. Yes, like in the old days of telephone conversations, although now, in the version we were able to try Engadget, This feature has not yet been implemented. If we choose to receive the call to the most recent mode, there is no problem with the sound, because the edge has a fully functional speakerphone. The clear and loud sound during the conversations is one of the features of this Xiaomi, which I liked most.

The camera slider system still seems half defined. In fact, when we completed the review, an update was created that ultimately enabled us to configure other uses without taking into account self-pacifics

With regard to the operation, entering the camera mode directly from the blocked terminal, it is not possible to access the image gallery. Logical However, the system does not allow it to open when the camera is opened, we use the fingerprint reader to identify us and be able to access the gallery. This step is only possible if we move the screen and enter the PIN code, the selected model, or just our fingerprint.

Sliding screen

And if we use it face identification system? Not. In this case, when we activate it, the opening of the front slider does not place us directly in the home network mode, but it is normal to enter the system. This is the default configuration when face recognition is activated, which, with the exception of Xiaomi's own warnings, does not give us much security, although it is quite fast.

Our face registration is made with a photo only, without the head scanner movement as usual. Xiaomi at least warns us that our suspicions about the uncertainty of this identification are reasonable, and in fact, even though no one in my environment could put me in, it was easy that with the recent photo, the Face ID system Xiaomi would give us access to the system. Be careful with it.

Mi Mix 3 includes a very fast face detection system, but it is not difficult to deceive or work (logically) if we do not have an "open" screen system

At this time, using a slider camera system, I do not feel that the effort is worthless, no matter how much hate the screen tabs. At least implemented. In fact, at the time of the review (we're actually finishing it), we received a system update to add an option to the terminal menus that allows you to configure the start gesture and, in addition to the self-mode mode, let us run the application directly or access the control panel with some shortcuts as a control center.

Slider modes

Finally, attention is paid to the operation of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 vibration, the most powerful thing I've ever had in my hands. So much so that in my case I usually keep the key vibration and some active element even in silent mode, I had to deactivate it because it was obvious to me but also to the environment that he appreciated it even acoustically. Needless to say, the threat of this powerful vibration in the terminal, which usually escapes from the place where you place it.

Screen Trusted AMOLED and FullHD +

Except for the difference in the camera's slider mode The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 maintains its manufacturer's high performance structure in 2018. The screen is another of these repeating elements, but at the same time it is safe.

The only negative screen for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 AMOLED screen is almost anecdotal. Always the display mode and resolution does not exceed the FullHD + terminal, which wants to be the most promising and ambitious Xiaomi.

Mi Mix 3 panel is one of the ways AMOLED with a 6.4-inch diagonal and resolution that does not come with this model in addition to FullHD +, which Xiaomi can not refuse. As the Mi 8 Pro was already on the market, it was a good opportunity to distinguish and dare with something more at the level of the resolution.

The AMOLED panel is a small step below the best of Samsung's market for both world-class and configuration capabilities. We miss a lot of contrast, although the brightness of 600 nits makes it The visibility of this screen outdoors is very good, the best of this year.

My 3 screen

Between the screen options, we find a reading mode that gets warmer on the screen colors, as well as double touch on the screen, adjustable night mode in brightness and temperature, as well as Surround display mode that we can program, but without more options or control as to how we want it to appear.

For the terminal with the AMOLED panel and this category, we were expecting much more in this regard, at least in order to be able to configure the intensity of ambient light. These are details such as the low level of screen brightness in automatic mode, in which one is more and more fixed to evaluate very similar terminals in other aspects.

The best thing about the Mi Mix 3 screen is that, without cameras and using interface gestures, the entire front panel is useful to the user.

There are three possible options from the on-screen modes: Auto Contrast, Enhanced Contrast, and Standard Mode. The most suitable mode is the auto contrast, but we should also adjust something to the temperature which is by default a bit cold.

Screen modes

From the multimedia experience with Mi Mix 3, we have a part dedicated to sound. Here no headphone port, you need to remove the USB-C adapter included in the thorough box in this terminal.

In general, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 offers high quality sound, but in this aspect we can not highlight it. It retains personalization according to how we place the handset, but too focused on our models, of which no one is in the box. We can adjust the listening experience with an equalizer, which we can use only with the attached headphones.

Ports Mi Mix 3

The speakers, which we have pointed out to be stereo, but with a distorted network at the bottom of the terminal, offer volume and accurate precision.

The Snapdragon 845 adds up to 10GB of RAM

A fact sheet can not be overlooked at the terminal, which has many numbers, starting with the price. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 attracts Snapdragon 845 and lots of RAM to attract us.

The model used in the trial 8 GB RAM, but there is a version with 10 GB, which is very tempting by the number. The reason for such numbers may need to be searched by optimizing the system, because with almost any task or multi-tasking, Mi Mix 3 saved 6 GB of RAM.

Frameless screen

This 8 GB RAM version, like 10 GB, is connected across the board internal memory 256 GB (without the ability to expand with microSD), which gives us plenty of room for improvement. A priori, we should not create power problems for many applications or content that we store in our Mi Mix 3.

Performing Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is no surprise. The terminal exceeds the synthetic test and is ready for everyday life. Multitask Execution, Streaming, App Editing, Game … everything is liquid Mi Mix 3.

Since Xiaomi is an experienced assembler, there is no problem with the working temperature or excessive heat of parts or problem areas. Everything at regular intervals.

Android 9 with MIUI 10 on controls

Thanks to a couple of updates to the weekly review of this terminal, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 showed me that its arrival on the European market might be a bit surprising. We have counted for our review terminal with local ROM, which converts the interface into English, but with a lot of site market interfaces and applications loading.

English interface

Since it has not been with Xiaomi terminals for a long time, it has touched look for tricks to enable a custom keyboard to work, as well as Google services and the Android store.

Once we have reached, we have found the system has already been updated to Android 9 and the MIUI 10 layer to the controls. The experience has been on a good level of stability, and although this is not my favorite layer, the appearance is getting closer to Android, elements such as the ones that interest me. Although all of the features that MIUI users are already well-used for.

MIUI 10 saves a lot of bloatware levels, creates the XIAMI's own AI, and some supporters help similar gestures, which allows us to control the interface with a sufficiently successful abandonment of the classic buttons and hence to get even more useful screen space.

We were afraid: the 3200 mAh battery is not enough

Maybe the end-to-end terminals are not heavyweight, Xiaomi almost all choose the capacity of the battery shown on the paper as short on diagonal screen and final claims.

This happens in a special way in this Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 terminal, which, despite its screen of almost 6.5 inches, No more than 3200 mAh battery power. These figures represent a very fair autonomy to achieve solvency by the end of the day and without the need to use a charger.

The weak point of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is an over-important element: the battery. A maximum of 4 hours from the screen does not guarantee that we can reach the end of the day if we intensively use the terminal

At the time we demanded the most, we could not avoid having to recharge the battery before arriving at night, on average Not much more than 4 hours on the screen in any case.

The general

The only good news about the Xiaomi Mi 3 battery is outside. Specifically in wireless standard charger, compact and 10W to accelerate the usual low load speed of this kind of technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Camera

With a 2018 high end Xiaomi-branded salon, a new combination has been retained by this Chinese camera manufacturer in the year 2018: a dual rear camera (12 megapixel wide f / 1.8 with optical image stabilization and 12 MP Tele with opening f / 2.4), but with upgrades also includes a dual sensor on the front (24 MP with a second 2 MP sensor support)

To control this four-camera system, Xiaomi offers us the classic interface, one of the ones that better balances options and ease of use. The models are changed, sliding, including manual, and there are no missing HDR modes, AI, flash or filters, and only two touches, and other options, such as a timer and general configuration, among the most comfortable options. Very good here from Xiaomi.

Screenshot 2018 11 29 06 12 40 836 Com Android Camera

The photos that we can get with Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are not surprising. If there is no complicated light scenario, the results will make sure we do not need very fine details. In some cases, they also offset excessive saturation, and AI does almost nothing.

Example 1

We are accustomed to using the camera as AI systems, stopping scenes and lands that simply overlap with the image. As far as Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is concerned, we are glad to see that almost as many times as it would be, because this landscape would be completely ruined.

The Right Ai Sin Mode The image on the right is changed with Xiaomi AI. Fair, invaluable.

Another type that requires more work to be consistent is HDR. You should not trust the choices made by the camera by default, so you must take care of patience and work multiply with trial and error until you get the desired result.

Exactly opposite, The regime we really enjoy is night. With this we get more information about photos in dark places that reduce noise, but we are losing clarity and, as the case may be, the image gets smoother if we get too close.

Right internal night mode Night mode to the right

It works pretty well both indoors and out, but photography takes about two seconds, so you need to take it into account.

Night Mode Exterior Right Night mode to the right

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and portrait mode that, like Xiaomi's cameras this year, this happens without further sound. It is better in a very bright environment and worse if the lights are limited. In both cases, the operation is not very convincing to us, because the fact that the portrait mode is not adapted to our frame, we have to play with a distance to get good results, something that is a bit complicated with objects. Thanks to the opening of the main lens, it is much better to drag close to the focus and the natural depth of the field.

If we choose the classic portrait mode, in our tests, cropping is generally done well, with a slight slider, but it seems that the outflow is slightly denatured according to the scenario.

Portrait mode

This preview of My MIx 3 in portrait mode is functionality studio light. It's a priori similar to what Apple offers, but in this case its impact is almost unchanged, but it's more than a curious effect, and with patience we will leave portraiture results.

Lighting mode The illumination mode prevents the background of the image and adds a neutral signal that creates an unusual light effect

For the secondary camera, the Mi MIx 3 has two sensors. The main thing, with 24 MP, allows you to get high-level details, including a portrait mode with the same defects as the main camera. Work is not finished yet.

Portrait and Defocus mode Right, self-made with sophisticated blur mode

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has really impressed us with the videotape. In both cases, the 4K and 1080p modes at 60 frames per second have a high level of detail, the color is very successful, and stabilization helps us move freely.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Xataka's Opinion and Note

With a price that is not as tight as other Xiaomi terminals even in a large range, Mi Mix 3 returns to repeat the strategy in the Chinese brand catalog. The exclusivity in this case comes from the digital side (in the best version of 10 GB RAM), and in particular a sliding system that protects the secondary camera below the screen.

Despite the doubts that this system poses and its real utility as well as limited autonomy at this moment, the main problem of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 lies in the same house where Mi 8 and Mi 8 Pro, even under the PocoPhone F1 under their catalog, they are directly now better opportunities, as long as you do not want exclusivity and logically pay for it.



The screen9



The camera8.25


Please please

  • The quality screen, which really is the "whole screen"
  • Great performance
  • Very fast back fingerprint reader


  • The camera is still below the reference range
  • Lack of autonomy, however, it comes with a 10W wireless charger
  • The sliding screen system is not convincing for us. It's still a hands-free phone

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