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Orban has only one sprain – 01/02/2019


Racing concerns were centralized in one of its defenders: Lucas Orban, who suffered from the left knee injury and feared it was something serious. Even when peace came to Avellaneda, it was confirmed this Friday that it was a sprain on the right knee and would be only two to three weeks away.

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Congestion originates from Thursday's practice, which should leave a collision with Alexis Cuello. Though the 28-year-old will not be in the bank during Sunday's game against Huracan, the news is not so bad, because he feared it would be worse. At this Friday's press conference, Eduardo Coudet explained: "Orban is a very important player for us, in bad conditions it is not a serious harm."

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The pointer will lose one of the defenders – now the replacement – and perhaps it is Rodrigo Schlegel, who puts in his list of invited persons. From 19.20. Coudet strives to take care of the tip of the Globe, which ranks fourth.

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