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Opportunity to meet, 20-year interval and ex-conflict: a love story that Amalia Granata and Ricardo Biasotti never told


It could be a love story from a romantic novel, but it was real. That was 2004 Amalia Granata he met Ricardo Biasotti sponsor's birthday. "I saw him familiar, but only when we passed the phones and started talking, he told me who he was. There I said, "Right!"", resembles a journalist dialogue with Teleshow.

Back then, he began his career in the art world and co-existed with other models in the private party with Biasotti. "When it was over, they asked us if we wanted to stay and we accepted. At one point I danced and I hit him, he grabbed my hand and invited me to dance", continues at night when relations with a former couple began Andrea del Boca and father Anna Chiara, who was four years old.

"Although we were separated 15 years ago, today we are super friends, and he is not that when we were together he was very friendly and cheerful, we laughed and spent a good time together.details and add that they ate outside "Monday to Monday".

The journalist says that although they did not live together, they slept together every night. "Except for the weekends, he had to be with his daughter. We didn't see each other and we talked a lot because he was disconnected from the phone to spend time with the child. It was then Messenger and we only talked when Anna Chiara fell asleep, ”he explains.

At that time she was 24 years old and was 45. The difference from her led to the nickname of the meter Chiqui and that more than one time I was in control of a fight. "I was small and impulsive, and he didn't make me jealous, but I was looking for excuses to create them", remotely recognize.

A year and a half when they were a couple, they traveled to Rosario for their cousin's wedding: "I have the best memories of a healthy and beautiful person. His family was normal, from silent people, and he also suffered from inability to see his niece and granddaughter"

The journalist does not know whether Andrea del Boca was aware of Biasotti's relationship with him. "I never knew we didn't hide, but we decided that I had no relationship with the girl because my father had enough problems to have a girlfriend", he says.

What inconvenience did the father have to see his daughter? He wanted to know Teleshow. "It wasn't easy, there was always a conflict during the meeting"he explains.

Granata and Biasotti for a year and a half were separated when she received a proposal for the popular face of Chilean beer, for three months in Andean. "The truth is the relationship was divine, but I was very young and we didn't have a project together. I didn't even know what I wanted. Or, rather, I was convinced that I wanted to do my job. In addition, they offered me good money and dollars!", says Amalia.

"He supported me to continue my work". In this way, he said goodbye to his then partner, who later became his friend, made suitcases and went to Chile. There he traveled three months north to south next to the brand that had rented him until he made a proposal to a television program reporter: "I didn't hesitate and stayed".

At the same time, he still talked to Biasotti, who came to Chile a year later, when she was already set up and triumphed in the Andean countries. "But each of them was already another, we were friends, and so we continue to maintain the good relationship we have so far," she continues. Uma – From your relationship with a football player Cristian Fabbiani– and Roque – from your current partner Leo Squarzon

Biasotti restored his life, today he is the father of a four-year-old girl, but he is separated. "He gets along with his ex and he has a great relationship with his daughter," says Granata. "You don't know how much he'd like to join his two daughters"wishes and regrets how much money he has spent on lawyers Anna Chiara, who is still in the hands of the Judiciary.

"I am hurt by the anger they use and say they are not, they have no idea what they are talking about, but not in the middle – he works in the financial world – it's not his domain and has nothing to do with everything "His struggle has always been in court", adds Ricardo Biasotti, who avoids answering his daughter and his former wife through the media.

Although they were separated 15 years ago, Granata and Biasotti maintain an excellent friendship relationship. For this reason, she believes it is necessary to defend her publicly, because she chooses a low profile and tries to keep her legal fight out of the media.

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