Saturday , April 17 2021

Nordelta: confirm the group record and already have a shelter

The Advisory Board approved an order that allows you to service line 723

"It's going to end the pineapple," someone commented and for a moment it seemed seemingly inevitable. The extraordinary session of the Tigers Council was due to begin at noon. 10 but at noon 11.30 local legislators were still empty. The rest of the room was a hive
dozens of hard people argued with each other, cried out slogans, put posters on the cardboard.

The first line was Nordelta's blonde, watches, rings and bumbastic bracelets, who wrote signs with the words "Listen to neighbors" and "No public transport". Further, the Peronist militants sang "The streets are from the city" and "Tigre, yes, there are no colonies."

In this heated context, yesterday evening, an unanimously approved order was issued, authorizing the creation of the 723 Nordelta line, an exclusive real estate project that Eduardo Costantini, an entrepreneur almost 20 years ago, was set up in the next 90 days.

723 has not yet entered the area, but the conflict has already come to the courts. The two neighboring countries submitted an amparo trial two days ago to the San Isidro administrative court. The direction of this line towards Nordelta is currently visible.

The Mayor of Mass. Mayor Julio Zamor's support allows the expansion of line routes to "optimize the transport of passengers in some local places" to "capture the needs of the population, which is reflected more intensively from the city's growth and population." At the second session, held at the end of last month, the ruling party failed to gather the necessary voices for treatment.

"There is no citizen's modern city without public transport, regardless of their status," said Zamora LA NACION. Nordelta residents were very angry about the decision. "It was not the result we were expecting, we felt completely misleading," said Liliana Villagra from Kastro. "This is a neighboring neighbor," added Osvaldo Campoo from Las Glorietas.

As regards neighbors, this measure violates Nordcontrol's Nordcontrol Double-Density Safety Ring, Access Control System, Dome and Observation Cameras. Although the order does not include integrated unit monitoring mechanisms, Zamora said that they are ready to agree on a "peace deal that will bring neighbors."

Source: LA NACION – credit: Ignacio Sánchez

The background

Since 2001, the micro-company MaryGo operates in two Nordelta, one internal and one travel to Capital. Since November, allegations have been made of alleged cases of discrimination against local workers, which prevented them from sharing their services with neighbors. At the company, they said that the problems arose, reducing the frequency that is planned to record 723.

"The problem was that there were 400 people over the course of 17 years and could not escape, there were more people than buses," said Nicolas Pasqualini, owner of MaryGo, who said that "the internal service would never be beneficial" and that he would be dedicated to other day's tours .

Some delegates from neighboring countries presented an alternative project to the Consultative Council's Transport Committee, which provided that MaryGo would add larger units, new transfer points and vacancies for residents and staff who were rejected. "I do not understand why they did not accept free transport, which would cost very little money at our expense," said Any Vodovosoff of Castores.

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