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No driver or taxi, and rain: British Ambassador hosted the SUBE and got into the 09/13/2012

So little was noticed. He looked like another employee, because his costume was impregnated with rainy Buenos Aires and a crowded bus line of 93. Mark Kent, British Ambassador to this countrywent to the Argentine Petras and Gas Institute (IAPG) for dinner at Sheraton and without his driver or taxi driver's eyesight I chose to use another official PUTU and get to the public transport to return to the embassy.

Is it that his usual rider was dedicated to receiving and transferring the Royal Society and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (Venki Ramakrishnan), who visits Argentina, as reported in the embassy, ​​and because of rain it is not possible to get a taxi.

Tim Hanson, director of the British embassy's trading room, suggested as an alternative to using his "SUBE" card. And there they were. At 93rd stop Avenida Del Libertador. It was a short trip, no more than 15 blocks to the Madero Unzué Palace, where the embassy operates.

Unclear, Kent and Hansson gave a smile when they waited for a bus: "What a storm when returning to a wet bus," Kents wrote on a social network Twitter account.

Madero Unzué Palace, British Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Madero Unzué Palace, British Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Kent, the son of an English truck driver, was already an experienced public transport country. He lived for several months in Mendoza, studying Spanish, and he regularly traveled on bus 114 to get to Cuyo National University.

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