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"Nightmare": why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry move from a "hidden home" of $ 3 million

Everything is going to change Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. According to the tabloid's true correspondent Daily mail, Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to cancel their home rent for $ 3 million ahead of time and leave March 2019. It was previously believed that Meghan and Harry would continue to rent the property even when they moved to Frogmore Cottage Windsor, but apparently this is no longer the case.

In September 2018, the source told the magazine Human beings Markle really liked Harry from his home in Cotswold every weekend, and he thought he could see incognito wearing a baseball cap, going to Pilates classes or hairdressing. Basically The king's family is trying to live a normal life when it is far from the castle.

The exact reason why Meghan and Harry have chosen to move from their home in Cotswold is not clear, although the source may have told the newspaper above that the movement was related to security issues.

Dukes getaway is located in the picturesque Cotswolds area of ​​southern England, but this area was attacked by criminal gangs carrying high-profile raids on hidden manors.

Until recently, the Duchess and Duchy of Sussex weekend house was kept secret, but recently spectators were quickly discovered and filled. When the place of residence was publicly known, Markle was afraid and decided it was best to leave. The source said Radar Online. "It's all about Meghan's fear of security."

Markle, 37, was born in California and was also afraid that the drones are photographing outside in the summer months. "Meghan saw how Kate Middleton was photographed topless when she was on vacation," said the source. "She doesn't want to be subject to such a thing", he added.

After Frogmore Cottage has completed its renovation, Windsor, Meghan and Harry will move to their new home full time before the first birth.

The man in the castle added: "Meghan has already demanded that she and Harry's real residence in the Frogmore cottage be equipped with a panic room. "She has become extremely paranoid about her security and it's a pity that this dreaded hideaway has become a nightmare!"

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