Wednesday , April 21 2021

Niantic is spoken after a big deal in the Pokémon GO – battles

As we warned you a few hours ago, the Pokémon GO bouts of Pokémon coaches are now open to all players. However have come up with a series of problems or mistakes that may not at all allow them to enjoy their pleasure.

We've recovered from the reddit thread a few of what might happen to us:

  • The coach does not start the fight at the same time. You can begin to pick up damage before you begin to see it.
  • Sometimes the game does not register our attacks or nothing appears on the screen.
  • Synchronization and delay problems also cause our opponent to change, not to mention us.
  • Battles are frozen, sometimes pressing the player to restart the program.
  • Defense type moves are not synchronized: in theory, you have 3 seconds, but they are equally affecting you.
  • You can use the movement you need to load, and the other trainer changes Pokemon.
  • The balance varies according to the device, giving them an advantage faster.

Niantic, the developer who is in charge of the iOS and Android game has already spoken In this regard, we hope that a large part of these errors will be resolved in the form of an update within the next few hours.

Coaches, we have received reports of Pokemon that do not cause damage during the fight, and we are working to resolve it. In the meantime, make sure that your device's time is set to automatically update and resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience

Obviously, this problem related to the inability to cause damage would be created because the application uses the local time of our terminals rather than the server.

Have you noticed a bad game in nintenders?


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