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News and other strange and surprising problems that will arise in the near future

Some seem to have been removed from iscience fiction magic; others seem to have natural consequences abuse by people on the planet. Journalist Don Steinberg synthesized for magazine Time 14 technology and society development will create daily life in the near future, representing innovation and also problems.

IUnited States National Health Authority (NIH) do a research to find a contraceptive method for men who has revolutionized women's sexuality because it is safe, effective and reversible. Experimental treatment is not a tablet, but a gel applied on the back and shoulders, which combine two hormones that stops sperm production without affecting libido.

A hologram with Roy OrbisonWho died in 1988 traveled in 2018; for 2019. t Amy Winehouse (died in 2011) and Frank Zappa (died in 1993) using this virtual technique. "More and more interpreter contracts will include terms about who controls and earns money from post-mortem," said Steinberg.

Remaining water in the tap

El Paso, Texas, it is a very dry city in a dry area. For the water to miss 700,000 people, the program wastewater and turn them into drinking water. It is closed circuitor where the empty is cleaned with technology that returns its quality for consumption and return to the neighboring network. It is possible that many other places imitate the city, which, with various initiatives since 1985, has reduced the per capita water consumption by 40 percent.

Super Bowl Video Game

Business e-sports – competition video game is ready to exceed $ 1,000 million. After its foundation in 2017, The Overwatch League wants to be The first urban team competition for the Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment game, Sold in franchises with USD 20 million at Comcast and other companies. Outside In the United States, cities in Europe and China are already involved.

Cure baldness

In 2016, a group of Japanese researchers said they were developing a regime to use stem cells to restore hair folliclesand that clinical trials for humans could start in 2019. Riken, the largest research institute in Japan, operates at the Organization's Recovery Laboratorytogether with two companies in the project "Mati", which hopes to achieve end of baldness in 2020.

Tundra's mammoth returns to Earth

Harvard University's research focuses on the use of technology genetic edition to restore the tundra mammothor wool mammoth, and migratory dove insert the DNA of these extinct species into cultures of living animal cells.

Coffee as a protected species

According to the Climate Institute report, if no measures are taken to reduce carbon emissions, it is estimated that Climate change "by 2050 will reduce global coffee production by 50%". The problems that threaten the industry at $ 19,000 million are the disappearance of higher temperatures, droughts, diseases and insects responsible for pollination.

SpaceBelt, a Cloud Constellation company, hopes to create a global satellite network whereas at the beginning of the decade of 2020 data are no longer stored on Earth. Space storage could store sensitive data from the Internet and possibly from the authorities.

Half of the world with water problems

In Report on World Water Development United Nations (UN) Opinion 3600 million people (about half of the world's population) live in places with water scarcity at least one month a year.

According to the study, The market value of food insects in 2023 will be $ 1,200 million. Currently, about 2 billion people eat crickets, worms and other insects.

There is no whales in New Zealand

To preserve bird qualities kiwi or aperitifamong other species New Zealand committed to eliminating before 2050 all rats, bunnies, opossians, mountain cats and others non-native invasive predators in the country

It is estimated that the traditional 4 hectare cemetery is buried enough wood to build 40 home and liquid bodies to fill the pool. The so-called natural or green cemeteries in developed countries offer biodegradable coffins and formulas without formaldehyde.

The Houston authorities have opposed the opening of the brothel to offer them humanitarian service robots with a humanitarian dimension. But already in Barcelona, ​​Turin, Moscow and Toronto.

The sandwhich is used to create cement and glass is one of them, among other thingsuntapped world natural resources. It is also an obstacle that protects the coast from rising sea levels. There is already a shortage Destruction of pirates destroying the islands to trade sand.

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