Tuesday , October 26 2021

Nazarene Vélez is once again acquainted with the unusual reaction of his younger son, Thiago


Finally, Nazarena Vélez confirmed that he is again a couple Who? With Santiago Caamaño,. , Takes the truth, the work the comedian stars take Mar del Plata

Although the relationships between Nazarene and Santiago were for a long time safe, her children (Barbie Pucheta, Chyno Agostini and Thiago Rodríguez) has already met with her mother's new partner.

"They seem to be divine … Barbie and Chyno said to me, "Mom, don't make us feel kind and then …" "said Nazarene that his older children told him. But Thiago, the newest, his relationship with Fabián Rodríguezdid not have the same reaction.

"Look at mom, look at how much love I have for you!, Nazarene told the boy who was only 8 years old while hugging Caamaño and doing mimic to put the knife on his back.

"Thiago is huge, I want to tell you that Fabian left his legacy here. He makes me quite complicated.Nazarene convicted.

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