Saturday , April 17 2021

Natalia Juncos, Cordovan, who also condemned Juan Darthés: "I was very scared to speak"

One day after college Argentinean actresses will be spent Thelma Fardin a publicly condemning Juan Darthés for rape, Natalia JuncosCordoba's actress who accused her sexual harassment, remembered the fact that it happened in 2005 when they were preparing to record scenes in the novel "It Says Love".

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Like the new "Ugly Puck", Juncos was told that at that time Darthés also told him "Look at me as you give me" and showed him the erection he was. She was 28 years old and so he decided to leave the world of television.

Dialogue with Telenoche, said he was not encouraged to lodge a lawsuit because "I was very scared to speak". "I was not courageous, the abuse was highly naturalized," he added. Juncos told what happened after Calu Rivero Be the first woman to accuse her of a similar situation that had lived in another novel that Darthess was also a hero.

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"When I told my representative what was happening to me, he said:" I'm sorry, but everything is that they have power … "The next day I'm going to go to work, They called me and said, "come … it does not like you". I do not forget it anymore, "continued Cordoba's actress.

"When you condemn, you have to take the responsibility to tell it you want to make it famous. It's time for justice to remove bandages and get started sooner, "she concluded, be proud of the" Actrices Argentinas "association, which decided to go further and denounce it altogether.

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