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Mužoza's widow provided information on the type of money from bribes

Pochetti provided Bonadio information to track $ 70 million that her husband bought in the US Source: Archive

Today the court fair will end and tomorrow tomorrow the courts

Commodore Py

they will regain their permanent movement. However, during the break

bribe notebooks

It's never stopped. This week began with the recognition of the treaty as repentance
Carolina Pochetti, widow

Daniel Muñoz

, former private secretary

Néstor Kirchner


Although Pochetti initially denied his participation in money laundering maneuvers, he decided, in months and among those who chose to join the repentance regime, that he also wanted information in exchange for him. Freedom 70 million dollars, which, according to the prosecutors and the judge of the case, have found illegal money collection maneuvers from public contractors are considered to be the main character.

Several defendants who were involved in the washing maneuvers at issue in this case visited Comodoro Py, who wants to watch the case and find out Pochetti's words. She has not yet obtained her release, not because she was rejected, but because her official defender Juan Martín Hermida did not ask for it. Hermida believed that it was easy to check the words and data provided by Pochetti in the investigation and then demand that she regain her freedom.

The Pochetti statement is still strictly reserved, and although the case is not a secret summary, some attorneys in the parties could not see it.

The investigating magistrates plan to find out what the origin of Muñoz's money was and what his current location is. According to court sources, Pochetti provided details on these issues. "He talked about everything because he met Daniel Muñoz until the evening," the source of the court said
COUNTRY after an agreement between Pochetti and judge Claudio Bonadio to accuse a collaborator.

Another accused is Elizabeth Ortiz Municoy, a real estate agent from Mar del Plata, who was declared miserable last November and referred to Pochetti and lawyer Miguel Ángel Plo, who originally suggested Muñoz's widow. Municoy provided detailed information on how 16 US property acquisitions and sales were performed. When Municoy declared repentance, she was released. But last week she returned to Comodoro Py more than three times, looking carefully at what Pochetti was able to announce and worried about Bonadio's mistrust of what she had already provided. His lawyer is the official defender Gustavo Kollmann, who apologized for defending Pochetti because there was a possibility that both defendants were opposed.

In this case, Kollmann also represents the trust of Juan Manuel Campillo, former Minister of Economy of Santa Cruz and Néstor Kirchner who, after a long wait, got his regret. In his statement, Campillo stated that former President of Cristina Kirchner, Isidro Bounine, invited her to sell property abroad on behalf of Pochetti in 2016 and to clear the money path. However, Campillo stated that he had "beaten the wall", which was Plo, Pochetti's former lawyer, who was already responsible for this management.

As you already know
COUNTRY Through court sources, Pochetti's statement is too different from Municoy's and Campillo's statements about the story of this movement except for a few nuances. The added value of a declaration is the amount of information it provided about the current destination of money trying to find.

Plo, who was detained in Ezeiz Prison, does not trust Pochetti's statement, but he estimates he "pointed out".

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